Weirdforgood Hangout #2 – Saying No to Our ‘No’s’

In this second ‘hangout’ of our new series, Michael and I dive deeper into last week’s blog post on feeling our fear, and doing it anyway.

The post we are using as a launching point is here.

To check out Michael’s great blog,, click here ūüôā

Find out more about:

  • How our to recognize our little inner ‘No’ voice.
  • How to beat your fear of snakes!
  • How to climb 3 flights of stairs – when you can’t!
  • How to begin a new self-discipline and stick with it!
AND, YOU are invited to join us on our next Hangout! Each week it will be based on my most recent blog post and YOUR thoughts and IDEAS! So, C‚Äômon and Hangout with us weirdos! Just email me here, and request a Hangout invitation. I’ll send you a personal email with the details at that time.They take place at 5:30 Central time, and please allow 45 min for setup and recording.

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Hangout with Weirdos – It gets REAL, and I cry, but what’s new :)

In the first of a series of hangouts – Michael and I discuss the IMSTOOPIDTOOL vs. IMEXCELLENTTOOL blog, and (as usual) the cool thoughts that it brings up.

  • What crutch are we using and why?
  • Do we want to Win? How do we see the scope of our life?
  • Can I see my ‘way’ as – seems to work for me – and improve from there?
  • Kill the ‘shoulds’
  • Meet Michael – and Get Them Gators!

There are several highlights in our discussion and the best stuff comes from the combination of 2 people getting REAL! You are invited to join our next hangout, Next Tuesday at 5:30 CST.

See you there, if you’re ready to Get REAL!

The audio issues clear up at 3:05

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Fear-Be-Gone! Get Financially Ripped one Baby Step at a Time!

Clank… clank… clank… clank…¬†¬†thud, whirr, clank, whirrr, whirrr, thud, CLANK.¬†A hushed but audible¬†radio plays in the background. Several sweaty bodies are scattered around the place, in various contortions of abstract motion.

I find myself¬†very uncomfortably standing at the¬†front desk of the Ottawa Nautilus¬†Fitness Center circa 2001…¬†¬†Hang on for this story, you’re gonna laugh!
Looking across the vast gym, I am completely out of my comfort zone and feeling absolutely insecure.
To go back to that place and time I should provide more about my lifestyle at age 22. I’ll make this part fast… #1 Goal? Have FUN!¬† Then work hard and Play Harder! Every night is a new adventure, Never worry about tomorrow! Needless to say, the fitness level of my body and my wallet was completely Out of Shape!
I don’t remember exactly what brought me to the Gym. It may have been the latest great idea of the group of guys I ran around with. We were going to be in great shape and have fun doing it!
Honestly though, standing at the front of this gym in downtown Ottawa, all that energy and excitement had drained out¬†and fear was taking over…
My mind observed a whole new and alien world to me. I didn’t know what was what. I felt no bearing on where to start. I felt silly for being worried so much about something that seemed so simple to all the other folks in the gym.
I feared looking stupid, doing the wrong things & having my weakness of body and strength on display for all the gym to see.
I had years of guilt washing over me. I never was interested in physical fitness until now. What had I been thinking! Was it too late? Did I deserve a fit body when I had neglected mine so long? I saw myself on square #1.
In my head, everyone here had worked out for 4 hours a day, every-day for their whole lives. They were all triathletes and here I am, the weird new kid who probably will drop the bench-press bar on my face or something! I had beaten myself mentally, before I ever tried.
Anyway, I did sign up to be a member.
I began on the treadmill. I jogged a little and¬†let my new surroundings sink in. I¬†tentatively played with the machines trying not to break them or me. I met “the guys” for some light lifting and low reps. It didn’t kill me ūüôā
Over the next few weeks, I began to feel more comfortable with my own capabilites. I did, little by little, learn to enjoy this new facet to my lifestyle. Step by step on the treadmill, my confidence grew and I came closer to being comfortable in my body and¬†in this once terrifying place…
That experience began an understanding for me that I always want physical fitness to be part of my life. A gym-rat I am not. I did later become a big fan of bicyling and had¬†about 3 years¬†of¬†very¬†rewarding miles out on the trail. Although the focus comes and goes, I’ve never forgotten how good it feels to be in shape and confident in my physical abilities…
Sooo, this world of financial fitness? How does it make you feel?

Are these blog topics, and word Budget or Dave Ramsey, bringing anxiety, just to think about? Is the thought of using cash as your spending tool just as scary as a squat-bar loaded with giant weights? Do you feel guilt for years of couch-potato-like financial habits? Does it feel like it may be too late to start getting in shape?

I know those feelings.
I’ve¬†lived those feelings too.
I was also the poster-child for out-of-financial-shape-ness!
I had all those same feelings when I began my journey to financial freedom. I thought it was too late. I thought I had too much debt. I thought I had no control on the cost of living my life.
I had that same gym-like anxiety sitting in the waiting room at a hospital reading Dave’s book the Total Money Makeover. I was afraid people in public¬†would see that I was out of shape and weak with my money…
Truth is, just by being IN the gym. Just by having that book IN my hand, I had Victory.
I had taken the first baby step. I was TRYING!
Every little step of progress helped me to feel more confident than the last. The fears of “what if I can’t”, “what if it’s too hard” & “what if I fail” start to melt when you get moving in the right direction. The act of trying is what shrinks the fear.
If I can become financially fit, believe me, So Can You!
I see things from the other side now. I have mastered the equipment and techniques of building a solid financial body. I still enjoy the adrenaline of working those money muscles. And Yes, I fall off track every once in a while, just as all humans do ūüôā
If you want a personal trainer who understands. One who has transitioned from taking bill-collector’s calls to being completely debt-free, then my coaching services are for you. We’ll use the Baby Step approach to gaining confidence and climbing toward debt-freedom.
My money-gym membership info is available at check out “What is Coaching”¬†for details.
You have the ability in you. I can show you how to put it into action. And, YES you will be more attractive, inside and out, when you know that you have a buff & chiseled
financial physique!




Aaron Nichols
True North Financial Fitness Coaching

Got a leaky Wallet? Bulging budget or none at all?¬†Dilapidated Debt that you’re sick of living with?¬† You are losing hard earned dollars every month! Let me show you how to spackle the cracks and firm up your financial foundation. DIY or using my professional services, either way, the best time to fix your finances is Now!