Hangout with Weirdos – It gets REAL, and I cry, but what’s new :)

In the first of a series of hangouts – Michael and I discuss the IMSTOOPIDTOOL vs. IMEXCELLENTTOOL blog, and (as usual) the cool thoughts that it brings up.

  • What crutch are we using and why?
  • Do we want to Win? How do we see the scope of our life?
  • Can I see my ‘way’ as – seems to work for me – and improve from there?
  • Kill the ‘shoulds’
  • Meet Michael – and Get Them Gators!

There are several highlights in our discussion and the best stuff comes from the combination of 2 people getting REAL! You are invited to join our next hangout, Next Tuesday at 5:30 CST.

See you there, if you’re ready to Get REAL!

The audio issues clear up at 3:05

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