about aaron nichols

A student of life, on a fantastic journey of spiritual enlightenment and appreciation of the Divine.

I’m 34 years old.

I live in Princeton, KS.

I have a wonderful Wife named Lindsay.

Roxy is my black dog.

In the spring of 2010, I purposely dropped an atom-bomb on my “normal” life. I had the good job with a nice salary. I had the big truck and all the toys. I had even become debt-free and found out that the only reason I was at work was because of ma’ bills. Without them, I didn’t feel any reason to be there anymore. A Man Searches for Meaning in his life… The rest of what you will experience here on weirdforgood.com relates to that.

Hope you find value in the unusual, unique and un-trodden paths available to all of us in life.

That is all we’ll post here. If you want mundane, you probably should look elsewhere 🙂

THANKS for being You!

With My Love,

Aaron Nichols

Contact me at 785-218-6134
email aaron@truenorthffc.com

or check out my website

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6 thoughts on “about aaron nichols

  1. Aaron – can you set up some kind of an email subscription service for your blog?
    I’d love to follow your posts – but the only way I keep up (even with Kevin’s!!) is from getting that little email reminder. I think he uses ‘feedburner’ for subscription service. Just a thought…

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