Weirdforgood Hangout – 13 – NewsFlash! The TRUTH about the Network News!

We’re choosing the food of our mind each minute of each day. Is the network news, a healthy diet that keeps you informed about the world? Or just junk fast food, that destroys your systems slowly, as the intense flavors cover up the damage being done? Find out here, on our weekly workshop show!

Find out the REAL TRUTH about watching the Evening News. We’ll discuss the effects of our choices of media stimuli. Can we ever get sad enough, or worried enough, to take away the sadness or worriedness of someone else? Nope.

The blog post we’re covering is:

Dig Deep again with us this week, in one of the most enlightening and real conversations on the web, here at our weirdforgood world!

With Aaron Nichols & Michael Wright

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