“the Turn”

Weird for Good has arrived! and so have you, since you’re here 🙂 With this post we begin a new era, and I ain’t lookin’ back baby! Let’s Ride!

As the title (W)eird (f)or (G)ood suggests:

  • WfG – will be weird.
  • WfG – will be vehemently anti-normal.
  • WfG – is not for everyone, because, well… most of everyone is Normal.
  • WfG – is not just Against something, it is Most Definitely FOR Something.
  • WfG – is For GOOD Things, truthfully good that it is.
  • WfG – is not for: Things you’ve always been told were Good, or things that you see in others that you think are Good or Things that have been sold to you as Good.
  • WfG – should, on every available opportunity: push your buttons, make you uncomfortable, bring tears, Inspire, Enlighten, Educate, as always being Genuinely, Radically and Truthfully Loving.

Weird for Good will feature Real Stories from Real People, about Real Moments in their lives in which, they made “the Turn.” And it will separate those with vision, passion and purpose, from the rest.

Still reading?? Cool.

Here I want to take a moment to explain a term that will be recurring throughout our conversations together here at WfG… “the Turn”

I’ve made this explanation once before, but it resonates still and was the seedling idea for this new site, so let’s just jump back in time to a year ago and read the words from a post -on my roadtrip blog www.ashellandastone.blogspot.com about “the Turn”

Back in January, on our annual Ski Trip to the Rockies – I took my first proffesionally instructed (a’hem! RUSKIN!) ski lesson… Obviously getting down the mountain in the best way possible is to master the Turn… something I had yet to perfect. Two things happened on that day that changed my thinking forever.

First Idea: The Instructor explained that the first step to a great ski turn is to point your eyes, head and shoulders down the hill… If you properly do this – IT WILL BE SCARY!! You are doing the unnatural. Your body tells you this is unsafe and you Will Crash! You are leaning out where your lower body is not there to support you… This is the exact moment that I realized how Faith works…
“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.”
By doing the unnatural, by trusting in these instructions, by GOD, did my legs, feet and skis end up Exactly where they were supposed to be!! It’s true, go try it! The turns flowed flawlessly without Overthinking everything or purposely moving this leg here, that ankle there…The secret was so simple and yet the exact Opposite of the way our minds are built to think…
Second Idea: Also on this day, a fun pair of ladies were in my class and on the lift we talked and laughed… One says “You know how you get comfortable with turning only one way, then once you get to the edge of the run, you are out of room to make your comfortable Right Hand Turn??” I had been there many times 🙂

She went on… “Once I had this issue, my friends were down below waiting on me and when I slowly got to the side of the run, I was So Stuck! One of my friends yelled up at me… ‘JUST MAKE THE FRICKIN TURN!!’– She said from that moment on she had to pop out of the comfort zone and JUST MAKE THE FRICKIN TURN! Of course, she had the skills already and once she made up her mind to DO IT, the turns worked out just fine…

These ideas have played a huge part in the last few months for me. They were integral focus points on this trip as well… It was time for a leap of faith in my life. Overthinking and trying to manuever life on my own is hard and trying to figure out each detail is exhausting… A moment of faith. The knowing that somehow, If I leaned out, then things would work out… Priceless Advice!!

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”
Saint Augustine

 Also, the DOING of it is the key. How else does it happen?? Just Make the Frickin Turn. Then we find that things fall into place, but WE have to break that mindgame of “What If’s” wide open.

Out on the Road, I did become a Do’er and not a Think’er… Waaaay too long I’ve been a Thinker, Analyzer and Judger of What If’s… Out there, your ONLY motion is Forward. Time after Time, I found that just moving forward is how the problem or puzzle was solved. No answers, just motion. The answer comes when you’ve shown up in the right place at the right time and the only way to get there is to move Forward…

Thinking back to the travels there are so many serendipitous moments, I can’t even count them! This is the force of the supernatural at work, in real life, in my life and I hope you’ve enjoyed the sharing of that here on this blog.


People; I’m here for a reason, and so are You.

I am in no-way arrogant enough to claim that I know what that reason is… However, pursuing that knowledge is what I’m living for every day.

There are people out there who are in dire need of understanding “the Turn”. I can’t be the only one, who’s felt like life should be going along fine because I’d been skiing along the same direction as always… but then suddenly found myself off the groomed slopes and lost in the woods, hanging onto branches, and out of breath, with gravity pulling me strongly downhill.

Learning to make a turn, learning to let go and let God, these moments are when we experience real life progress and ironically growth, as we learn to do less, and allow more.

It is such a blast for me to be able to express and share these ideas with you. I do implore you to stay tuned and work with us here at WfG. We need your voice, your input and your experiences to complete the picture. I want YOUR individual stories of making “the Turn” to be posted here. I am certain that the sharing of these intimate moments of pure courage and faith, will be therapeutic both for reader and writer.

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart for being Weird for Good!


Aaron Nichols
(785) 218-6134

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