News Flash!

What’s up with the news? No, really, tell me, because I don’t know. I don’t watch it, rarely read it, and couldn’t tell you much about what’s going on in the world.

Is that a bad thing?

I do know some of the big things. The big ones, like the bombing of the Boston Marathon on Patriots Day, is something that you didn’t have to watch the news to find out about. It was in the public consciousness pretty quickly after it happened. Someone at work mentioned it, then facebook statuses sent prayers east to the race. I saw some video clips online, later that day… So the big stuff does find it’s way to us. Whether we watch the news or not. And still… I don’t.

It was several years ago, in the summer, when I was mowing and listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer (on my old party-machine iPod), that he talked about the news. He showed me that my mind is like my body, and whatever I put into it, it becomes, and whatever my mind becomes, my life becomes… Just like my body. I never was a big news watcher, and that sealed it for me. I leave that to others, and when something really big comes along, I always find out, or I don’t. It seems to work for me.

Now, last night, I waited in a long line at the Sprint Center in KC, among thousands of people ready to hear a speaker. I was excited to be there too. I was lucky to be among my church family, and we were going to see Dr. David Jeremiah. As I became part of the wave of people entering this huge event center, I had to wonder. How has this man, attracted so many followers to show up? I don’t know him well, and I am here.

What is it, that has us all here together? Is it him? Is he that dynamic of a person, that 8,000 people, just want to hear him talk? It can’t be. He’s on the radio every day. Is the music going to be so awesome, that we all showed up for that? Not really. It’s good, but hey, so is YouTube, for finding songs to worship to. Okay, it must be the camaraderie of being among believers and sharing the evening together… hmmm, kinda, but that didn’t get me to invest my whole evening. I have a great church family to worship with weekly.

It came to me in a flash. The News! It’s the News, that we came for. The Good News.

It wasn’t about Dr. J, it wasn’t just the music and the high production of the event. It’s the Good News, that we all showed up to hear. We always want the Good News!

So why did I give up the Network News, years ago? It ain’t Good. Period.

Sure they’ll give you a 2 minute feature at the end of some feel-good story, but it’s so minor, that I won’t sit through the whole fear-mongering mega-drama for those two little minutes.

I could be a more informed citizen of the world. I could be more compassionate to the struggles of people in other countries. It’s true. I am compassionate, and concerned about what is going on right here too. From my perspective of debt-freedom, purpose-driven and radically unconventional lifestyle, I am concerned about all the ‘normality’ around me. Normal Sucks, in my book. That’s the News that I fear we don’t want to really hear.

Anyway. We will show up for the News. Good News especially. When I invest in a coaching agreement with someone who I want to work with, I want to hear the Good News. The Good News, that YES, I can do this. YES, it IS possible. YES, someone else, like me, has done this before, and now I can do it to, with their help. That is GOOD NEWS!

Next weekend, I’ll be in Denver, Colorado. I am attending a workshop called Writing from Your Soul. It’s hosted by Hay House. One of the speakers is Dr. Wayne Dyer 🙂 Wow. I am really excited about this trip! Meeting him is something I’ve had on my bucket-list for a looong time. This checks off, a couple major things for me. It begins a journey to produce a book, or books, or e-books, or children’s books, or some kind of writing that I have been waiting around to begin working on. This workshop is the starter’s pistol blasting into the air. And I will learn, from one of my all-time favorite mentors, a PBS legend, Dr. Dyer.

I’m going to hear the News. I’m eager and ready and willing, to use this news to make a new decision in my life. I want transformation, not just information. Now I wonder, if just making the commitment to show up, is half of the Good News. Knowing that if I make this a priority, if I engage, then I have started. I want to know that I can do it. This is a clue, that Yes, I can. It is available for for anyone, and that includes me.  Thank God.

Last night as my good friend and mentor, Steve, jogged out of the Sprint Center, to retrieve the car. I saw a sign across the street. With thousands of believers pouring out of the doors, and walking around, but not into the bars and nightclubs, I had a thought… Finally, tonight, we brought the Real Power and Light to this district. We are the Good News. It wasn’t the songs, or the books, or even the sermon we heard. It was the body of Christ, in all it’s forms, gathering together, and living a moment out loud.

I don’t miss the Network Evening News a bit. Too bad if you think me immature. I don’t miss seeing the Good News, any chance I can get though.


Aaron Nichols


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  1. Have you guys ever heard of the astologer Rob Brezney? He has a book by the name of Pronoia. He has a newsletter that he publishes with weeky astrology readings and reports of the good news in the world. He claims there is much more Good News happening than bad. He’s not airy fairy his intent is to just give the good news fair attention. Check out for more info.

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