Elementary Ain’t Enough!!

My story must not be interesting enough…

It must bore me…

Where have I defined my goals and my dreams as too small, ordinary or mundane?

Could this be a highly useful perspective?

Can I backtrack my lack of fire and laziness, instead of magic creative action, to a dull and unexciting imagined outcome that I just won’t make effort to pursue?

Today Steve Chandler wrote that we could be like Sherlock Holmes with our clients:

You can also take on a Sherlock Holmes mindset in which you only take the cases that get your blood going. If you watch the great Holmes TV series with Jeremy Brett, or read the books, you’ll notice that Holmes only takes cases that really intrigue him. He dismisses a lot of people who come to him…even people with a lot of money to offer him…because the case is not interesting enough.


But what if I take this advice and apply it to my own desires? My wish is to serve people near and far, by building a healthy and prosperous coaching practice. And although I love every conversation I have with a client, maybe this just isn’t a dynamic enough dream for me to really want to move boldly toward.

I may find that I am already being like Sherlock Holmes, With Myself, and I don’t know it.


I can’t be the only one with a bunch of ‘day-dreams’ my mind. These are things I WISH I had accomplished or realized or completed. But yet, I have not.

Maybe they’re too small, too boring and too mundane, to excitedly chase after?

The thought of actually achieving them doesn’t feel compelling enough to move? Maybe this is an easy way to measure my desire and passion and calling?

When I take action, when I jump-at-the-chance and create new possibility for myself, then I’m looking at a ‘case’ or a ‘dream’ that I am really intrigued by.

Where do we learn to play too small? Why does it feel ‘safer’ choose a prudent,  conservative or ‘realistic’ goal? It seems they’re not working for me. I have lots of these in my mind, and I only push toward them in a start-stop, sorta-kinda, when-I’m-inspired way.

What if we really play and create and imagine with our dreams? If we want to find a ‘case’ that would ignite the sternly-guarded curiosity and inflame the veteran expertise of Mr. Holmes, then we’d want to get outrageous!

We’d better bring a doozie!

Breathtaking, Beyond-Belief, Striking, Stunning, Dazzling, Earth-Shattering, Foundation-Rocking, Bizarre, Bewildering, Staggering, Appalling, Terrifying, Flabbergasting, Astounding and Astonishing are things that… MAY… interest the distinguished Holmes…

So, back to the drawing board… Are you Bold? Wanna Get Bold Together??

Here are three examples I love from coaches that I know and admire.

  • I Build Empires!
  • I Jump out of Planes over Hawaii with My Clients!
  • I Coach Kings!

Yeah, that’s more like it! Feel the imagination, feel the scope, the breadth and possibility!

Okay, I’m gonna freestyle here a bit… and give it a shot, to impress my inner Holmes 🙂

  • I Wake People Up!
  • I Stop the Insanity!

Whoooo… this is tougher than I thought it would be!

  • I Light Wildfires!
  • I’m a Chain Breaker!
  • I Bleed Bestsellers!
  • I Speak Limitless Possibility!

Okay… keep going…

  • I Create Miracles Everyday!

Whew!!!… that was an hour’s worth of hard work!!

I’d better keep going…

I haven’t crystallized it just yet and my inner Sherlock is READY to jump on a case.

He’s tired of playing around with dinky daydreams!!


Aaron Nichols

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