Why You Oughtta!!!

You are just talented… smart… skilled… even proficient…


And that is all you Need to be.

The rest is how bad you want it…

This was wisdom from a client yesterday. He really gets it. That is truth.

And he was talking about ‘You’.

When we’re talking about ‘You’, we are packed full of answers, we’re Einstein.

And by ‘We’, I mean Me.

I have answers, lots of them. This week I worked in several true coaching conversations, working through possibility and yes, some great answers. Over and over again, I heard little moments popping and sparking for the both of us; ‘Aha Moments.’

And yet interestingly, it was appropriate several times, to take the words and wisdom of the client, and offer them as a toss or a gift back to themselves. When they take their own advice for ‘You’, their eyes got wider, they opened up and had a real decision moment…

Do I believe this enough, to live it out for myself?

I loved the airy, smoky, developing instant where it Became a truth for their life, for their application, for their current, real and tangible problem right in front of them.

A Solution Even. Born from their own mind. Their infinite wisdom.

And another beautiful realization for me. Lucky me, I get to experience and enjoy and live through all these wonderful moments and ‘Aha’s’ with them. I participate in the client’s answers, their victories, and I hear my own wisdom too, and Yes I have been convicted myself. I need this message too.

The power of yours plus the power of mine, plus an intangible spiritual force that is as almighty and electrifying, as it is silent and mysterious.

The work this week has been amazing. The collaboration, the tingly feelings, the tears, the truths, and smiles, and the broken, busted, crumbling chunks of former stoutly built Brick Walls, litter our floor… We can use them to build your Room to Grow ­čÖé

Possibility┬áhas blossomed, it’s vibrant and green, it’s springtime.

If we’ve worked together this week, I deeply thank you. You are a gift to my life, you are a gift to the whole of our world. You are stretching yourself, you are taking your own medicine, you are crafting your own healing. You are a – a – a – mazing!

If you’d like to do some work with me, I toss this invitation; I will gift you a session. You’ll be surprised what you bring to our table. Just bring You. You’re talented, you’re smart, you’re skilled and proficient… Enough, plenty enough. You are all you’ll ever need to be…

We’ll work on that next step then; How bad do you want it?



Aaron Nichols

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