Just Fly

Thrown back in the seat.

Feeling the power, feeling the push.

Ya just have to appreciate the force it takes to make a plane fly.

I was smiling to myself this morning as my trip to Phoenix was just beginning.

But just for a bit 🙂

I’m sure you’be had this experience, of the seemingly too long runway run?

Plenty of speed, plenty of power. Things begin to rumble and shift side to side. Bumping, swaying, you can feel the passengers getting collectively nervous.

Why? Why nervous, when we all know what’s really about to happen?

Because planes were not meant for the ground.

Your typical 737 that flies thousands of people safely around the country everyday, feels like a death trap on it’s wheels.

It is stressful, disconcerting, even scary.

And everyone is thinking together, just pull up, just pull up !!

Use these wings already and we’ll all feel safer and get there faster !

Not to mention that we won’t crash at the end of the runway!

So where is it in our lives, that we’re speeding along the ground, rumbling and bouncing, feeling stressed and scared?

Maybe we’re only experiencing the thrust before our own takeoff 🙂 but will we pull up? Do we know its time to fly? Do we know we’re actually designed to fly?

As I thought of this idea today, rising higher up and out of KCI, I imagined ordinary roads and highways packed with passenger jets and cargo planes and little puddle jumpers.

It was a mess! They all found it so difficult to get from place to place.

You know, with all the wing bumping, and afterburn in your face. There are plenty of reasons to be worried, upset and nervous.

Life for a jet is hard on the ground.

You all know the only reason I think of these things is because I’m talking from my own experience, my own heart.

Well, since this blog is fresh, you know I landed safely in the desert. All is well.

Tomorrow begins the last of my amazing weekends with the Coaching School.

This year of transformation has been astonishing 🙂

The energy has been a steady and pushing force. And yes, the bouncing and creaking, the rumbling has been stressful and scary…

But guess what… this thing was never designed to stay earthbound…

Right now, get aware of your gut feeling, something down there relates to this story. Some part of you is tired of trying so hard to navigate and progress, down here…

Some part of you, is ready to pull up and fly free!

So what’s stopping you?

I know that for me , I need help, and that’s why I’m in Phoenix.

Tomorrow is launch day, in more ways than one. When is yours?

Come fly with me 🙂


Aaron Nichols

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