My Red Shadow

Part One of this tale, begins with a Promise. A Commitment. An insane one, really.

Just over a week ago, I had a long conversation with my coach Jason Westlake about possibility. About opportunity. About not waiting, or hoping, or trying to make something happen, but just actually Doing It.

To be frank, the conversation was about Money. About Income. And about how much I could make by Monday. And that number was… well, let’s just say, thousands.

Believe me here folks, my past history of creating income through helping people work thru and solve problems, stretch themselves and enjoy the fruitful fulfillment of their dreams, has Not been lucrative. Just like most beginning coaches.

And my coach last week, had been there too. (and now is highly successful!) He was coached thru those moments, by not believing he could do it, but being challenged to just make a hard-core, deep down commitment to Doing and Doing, until the thing got Done.

Well, as of Friday, the end of the work week, and the beginning of my short trip to visit my loving Grandparents, I had FAILED in my attempts to create this promised income. It really bothered me that I had made some big action moves, and yet didn’t see progress…

But by Monday – IT HAD HAPPENED.

Huh?? Yup.

See, although I didn’t exactly create income through coaching or through graphic design or through burger flipping or ditch digging (all perfectly acceptable ways to complete my goal), something did happen which led to me obtaining that exact amount of money,
by Monday…

And on Monday, as I discussed the selling of a motorcycle, the day previous, and flashed some dollars in front of my webcam, to my surprised coach, we dissected what had unfolded to make this happen.

His assessment? My Sincere Internal Personal Commitment to the goal, had unlocked something powerful. The bike had been for sale for months, heck! almost years! I had people from craigslist texting every few weeks, and maybe a call once a month, but no one serious, no one buying. Until I had made a promise, to make this income happen, some way, some how.


You make your judgement.

Won’t matter to me though. I know where my favor and serendipity come from. And I know that God smiled on my moment of ownership of action. My determination and focus, and help came in the simplest form possible and proved that modern day miracles can happen right in front of our very eyes!

Have you been challenged lately? Has someone in your life asked you to really reach for something unbelievable? What would you say to an exciting and frightfully exhilarating request to do something AWESOME for yourself during a deep and trusting conversation?

If you got involved with a good coach, you would face these things every session. And I Know you would absolutely astound yourself, with the results of your Commitments.

Part Two: My Red Shadow

Why did this bike finally sell?

I think it’s because of an inner stance. An attitude. A confidence and a knowing.
(plus the Commitment I’d made to my coach) 

And this is something you can use right now, to improve any situation that is giving you stress and grief, or want to grow and transform in.

Trying to sell a somewhat expensive toy, in an economy where people are not throwing money around like they used to, can make you feel like a sleazy car dealer. I used to get someone on the phone who was interested in the bike, and tell them all the cool things about it. Tell them how reliable it was. Tell them all I had done to make it custom.

All this telling and selling begins to sound needy… And as my coach Steve Chandler says: Needy is Creepy. And not only does it sound creepy, but it’s weak, it’s hoping, it’s begging and pleading. No One Wants to buy from a beggar. It would feel like you’re making a mistake to purchase something that needs so much explanation.

So what changed? Finally after having this thing for sale for so long, and after many wishy-washy conversations with random craigslisters, this is the post that sold the bike:

1997 Honda Shadow 1100 ACE
20709 Miles
Tires are good

Custom Fenders, Paint and Exhaust – A couple small chips and a spot I’ll show you on the fender that could be fixed. I’ve driven it 10 years just like it is and gotten lots of compliments.

If you need to ask some general questions and are beating around the bush, just save us both the time. I will discuss time and location for pickup with seriously interested parties. THANKS for reading this posting 🙂

email to the address listed here, or text 785 – Two One Eight – Sixty One Thirty Four

What do you notice in this description?

Does this sound needy, or weak or creepy? I don’t think so.

You see, I finally came to a place of confidence in the real value of this machine. I KNOW it is a great bike. I KNOW it will run forever. I KNOW that I put tons of time and money into making it the best looking, best sounding, most head-turning Honda Shadow out there. And, I had a Great Price on it, that made this an awesome buy for the person who did pick it up. These are things that I KNOW.

Why do I need to sound like I’m begging someone to purchase my bike and have a killer ride at a great price. It was really up to them, if they wanted to go for it, or not. Their choice. Either way, didn’t matter to me anymore… Someone was going to get an awesome deal!

And that attitude is something you can apply to yourself, your value, your custom looking, great running, well maintained machine of YOU. Take this confident (but not cocky) emotion and put it on right now and wear it like a new set of clothes. I have, and it’s been an awesome week.

This red shadow served me quite well over the years. I had thousands of miles of fun with it. It’s last lesson, I believe will be worth much more than the few thousand I sold it for.

Folks, I have a new “ad” for myself and my coaching practice:

Coaching with Aaron Nichols – NOT CHEAP / OUTSTANDING VALUE

Change Your Life
Go as far as you can imagine
Transformation is Good

Credentials include: Snazzy debt-freedom, Firsthand experience making “The Leap” and One-One Work with my own World Class Coaches. My life’s not perfect, there are several dents, dings and a spot I’ll show you on my career path that could be fixed, but I’ve driven it 33 years just like it is and gotten lots of compliments.

If you need to ask some general questions and are beating around the bush, just save us both the time. I will discuss time and location for profound conversations with seriously COMMITTED interested parties. THANKS for reading this posting 🙂

email to the address listed here, or text 785 – Two One Eight – Sixty One Thirty Four with Your Name, Contact Info and One BIG Dream You’d like to Discuss, or a Stress You want to Overcome, (but preferably, the Dream!)

And when you email or text (or better yet, call), which would make you ballsy, tough and just crazy enough to possibly be up for this kinda change… I will try to get you off the phone. I will try to tell you that this isn’t for you. I will try to tell you that someone will be getting this deal, but not you… Not unless you’re REALLY SERIOUS, and that neither of us have time to waste.

Because I KNOW how awesome the feeling is going to be when you decide to invest in yourself, and make a hard-core, deep down commitment to Doing and Doing, until the things get Done, that will give you the exhilaration of a life that is now only in your dreams!


Aaron Nichols

6 thoughts on “My Red Shadow

  1. Great post Aaron! Confidence. It comes through. It’s just like buying a car. You’ve got to have that “walk-away power”. Same thing is true from the other end. You’ve got what they need. If they’re not ready for it, eh, move on to the next guy.

  2. Aaron that blog was fabulous if I didn’t know you I would want to after reading it. I completely see insight into bigger dreams and I absolutely would choose you as a coach. Thank you for the gift of you and your experience sharing through the journey to success. 🙂 Wendy

    • Wendy 🙂 You’re as radiantly intelligent as you are beautiful! You may get the chance to choose me as a coach at some point 🙂 Or you would be an excellent coach too, ever thought of adding that to your repertoire?

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