I am a Raconteur

Time Travel is Real!

I did it on Tuesday.

I was halfway through a coaching call, when on the other end of the Skype connection, I hear and see myself talking from 2 years ago. The voice came from a different person, and sure, he has a wife in his example; but it was just like my words, my thoughts and emotions had been recorded and replayed.

“I don’t know exactly what else I would want to do with my life. I have a good job. I have everything covered. All the important stuff is taken care of. BUT, I do want to explore and see what else is out there. My wife says she “can’t understand what is wrong with me”. I don’t feel that what I am doing is fitting me like it used to, in all kinds of different ways, I’m ready for a change!”

Then I remembered a song! I sent it to my coaching client. Although, it came with a strict warning. Play it once and then delete it. It could change your life forever. It may have mine?

This song happened to come out, right about the time that these same thoughts were culminating in my brain two years ago. This song is catchy, and I played it lots, and loud, and using it as my inner anthem could have been a huge catalyst at the time, for making  a leap in my life. (I now see in retrospect!)

H-O-L-Y  M-O-L-Y!!!

These are the lyrics that got me so fired up!

Lightbulbs are getting dim
My interests are starting to wane
I’m told it’s everything a man could want
And I shouldn’t complain

Conversations getting dull
There’s a constant buzzing in my ears
Sense of humor’s void and numb
And I’m bored to tears

I’m bored to tears, yeah…
I’m bored to tears, yeah…

WOW! I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about the song!

Its called Consoler of the Lonely, by the Raconteurs

Here it is.

Or click this link to hear it

So, this was the actual moment of Time Travel.

Somehow in the last two years of living, I’ve had the idea in my mind, that I turned everything in my world upside down in search of small business success. Or that I wanted to help more people. Or maybe to prove that debt-freedom gives unparalleled flexibility. Or how about, that every man wishes to break free and head West, and since I had the opportunity, I was going to do it, by God!

And all those things had their part fueling my decisions…


I can’t believe I had forgotten that!

So, after the coaching call was over, I began to play that song.

I let it repeat, over and over, over and over.

And I cranked it up louder, and Louder, And LOUDER!

I began to time travel.

I began to relive.

My brow bent into a deep furrow as the beat bobbed in rhythm. A snarl-curl of nasty attitude masked my face. Just a real rock’n-roll smile would be a better description.

Then those heavy-handed scrapes on the guitar strings hit my soul.

That smack on the drums popped my mind open.

The lyrics screamed my old crusty silent thoughts into the high decibel present moment.

The insane volume crackle-busted my little computer speakers. Finally, I just let loose in an all out stomp-dance! Stuff was shaking off the walls, all through the house!

Oooooh, Yeah!

If you’re looking for an accomplice
A confederate, somebody’s who’s helpless
You’re gonna find, you’ll find yourself alone

Wow, they say that hindsight is 20-20?? Damn straight!!

It just floored me, that this huge monumental moment in my life, had been completely forgotten. I have pointed to all kinds of catalysts, reasons, dreams and fantasies about why a person would come to this point in their life.

The truth was that it started with a bunch of tiny broken records, spinning year after year all throughout my habits, actions, work and life. The soundtrack they made was as familiar and comfortable as it was annoyingly repetitious. Then a couple major earthquakes knocked it off track, and I woke up and noticed that I was bored to tears!

So. What does all this mean?

I guess that’s for you to decide.

Just like every week, I say something that hit me, something profound, to me, and that means jack squat. Cause, art is about YOU, and how YOU interpret it, into your world.

Okay, so what would be the moral then, for me, of this little tale? How could a person literally forget something so important to them, that they would drastically shift their life around and all out of whack for it?

Cause I haven’t been bored enough in the last two years to think about it. 🙂


Aaron Nichols

rac·on·teur  (rkn-tûr)


One who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit.

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  1. Funny, I wore my husband’s Raconteurs band shirt two days ago, and here you are posting about one of their songs! I love the Raconteurs!

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