Just Do Thru

Because I understand something powerful about Fear. That’s Why.

I just realized that this week of my life, has been absolutely chock full of
Fearful Experiences. And when you face them head on, they dissipate, dissolve, turn into a fine mist and evaporate into the ether…

Starting Monday, I walked into my first day of a new job doing graphics work.

Tuesday, I had a powerful meeting with my former employer of 10 years.

Wednesday, I showed up at Men’s Bible Study woefully unprepared for an extensive role in the Maundy Thursday Service at Church, and fumbled around in front of the guys during our practice.

Today, I arrived mentally present at the YP Summit and sat in the front row of every class, and also forced myself to engage with each presenter, during and after class, including a founder of a Kansas company that has upended their entire industry, and is doing billion dollar business.

Tonight, I stood in front of our congregation, with the Men of our Church, and played the role of Jesus in a skit showing the conversation at the Last Supper. It moved me.

I was tearful in front of many.

Tomorrow, I make a big decision in my career life, as it relates to coaching.

All throughout this week, I’ve had other little moments of work or activity that has kept me moving and engaged from early in the day to late at night, and there have been tons of conversations woven into it all.

A few years ago, if you’d told me about how this week went, what I did, and where I was at in my life. I’d have said you were insane. Truly.

However, This is LIFE. It’s Livin’ Baby!

Here are some actions you can ‘takeaway’ from today’s blog. Implement them for real. In tiny ways, each day. They will make a Big Impact!

Listen then Say Yes.

Feel the Fear, and Do it Anyway.

Just Do Thru.

And… Have fun with it, when possible 🙂

(that’s a short working list)

I don’t know if you turn and face your fears head on?

I have more of my own that I could apply this to.

I will use the help of a coach to remind me of my God-given Resolve and just Commit to making happen, what I’m guided to create. And it will be done.


Aaron Nichols


6 thoughts on “Just Do Thru

  1. Aaron, taking action really does spur creativity and makes other things happen. The more you are putting yourself “out there”, the more those critical committments are cemented into your being. You are becoming so much more each week than you were the previous. It takes overcoming the fear, but in doing that you grow and have some awesome stories to tell, too!

    • Teri 🙂 Absolutely!! Maybe also just do thru, anyway you can, even if you “Stumble Thru” that’s progress, just as long as you’re still movin’

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