Black Friday Deals! Where to the Get Best Ones!

Tonight, on the eve and early start of our national frenzy of spending our hard-earned dollars on these wonderful and delicious Black Friday savings, I quietly ponder that word Black, here at home.

Somewhere between getting a bargain, and being enticed to still overspend on unnecessary plastic junk, I really do believe this is a Black Friday.

As someone aware of the true feeling of being In The Black, and someone wishing that feeling for so many others; it’s a little sad to see this energy and enthusiasm tonight bent on spending.

I have doubt that the retailers care if their customers are still riding the Red, while they rake in the Green.

I certainly have compassion for desire to show our loved ones that we care about them through gifts. Although, the best ones aren’t sold in Wal-Mart. They don’t carry them at Target. Stuff that really touches our heart isn’t even available at Nebraska Furniture Mart, and I know, I know, they have everything!!

Cliche as is it may be, and unpopular, and no-fun-mr.-grinch… I guess, from where I’m standing today, I see that the most important Stuff of our lives, isn’t Stuff at all.

Friendship, Health, Family, Love, Gratitude, Strength, Wisdom, Humility, Laughter, Babies, and even more supernatural stuff like, Faith, Peace, God’s Love, Grace & Salvation aren’t available for sale anywhere. These things can’t be bought, and believe me, when the chips are down, when times are tough, when contemplating the Big Picture, it ain’t a TV.

So rejoice this holiday season, in that all the things we truly value in our Spirits can be had at a super low, discount bargain basement price! They’re Free!

Also, in my own experience, the toughest things to give and to receive can be Love, Time, Understanding, Compassion, Sharing, Openness, Vulnerability & Forgiveness. These care packages are worth their weight in gold, and that’s a LOT.

I am now in the beginnings of understanding that it takes a real relationship with Jesus to be able to gift wrap and give away these priceless heirlooms. I’m eager and knocking 🙂

On this Thanksgiving Day, I truly appreciate that You, have taken time to read this blog. Your eyes and effort spent surfing the web to this weirdforgood spot, are a wonderful gift.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You are a fantastically important beloved individual, and no matter what you did or didn’t buy this holiday season, you’re worth is far greater than anything that will fit under a Christmas Tree 🙂

With Love, Sincerely,

Aaron Nichols

4 thoughts on “Black Friday Deals! Where to the Get Best Ones!

  1. You are wise beyond your years, Aaron! Your relationship with Christ is obvious to those who know you. Your witness is influencing people more than you even know. I am thankful for you! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    Nancy Baylor

    • Nancy 🙂 It really is great to hear that you and your IPad are hanging out with us here 🙂 It’s kinda crazy when you think about all the ways we’ve been connected over the years, Kinda Wonderful too!

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