Talk Doesn’t Have to be Cheap

I’ve been tossing around this idea of how our personal conversations have devolved into an un-inspiring, spirit-staining exhange of our recent consumptions as proof or in lieu of our truly valuable accomplishments.

I may be lighting the fuse on a whole series of blog posts here, but if you’ll indulge me on this one, I’ll keep it brief… for now 🙂

Basically, the premise that the act of consumption carries the assumptive value that we’ve personally created something of worth or wealth, is to me, an absolute genius triumph of marketing, tragically…

I do not however believe in a purchase as a creation, myself… Anymore.

Back in the day, before my financial paradigm shift, I used to believe silly things, like: “If someone has a really nice car/house/phone/whatever, they have money.” And seeing who had what kind of stuff, could tell you about their financial well being, AND the kind of stuff that I had, indicated my financial well being… Whelp, that’s just backwards.

You see Money, is the indicator of having money. Moreover, the ability to create Money above and beyond the chosen cost of lifestyle, so that the extra money is available to create more income, is a much more accurate measure of financial wealth.
(By this measure, I personally, am Not currently financially wealthy, more on that later) 

And so therefore, the consumption of a “something” does not necessarily equal wealth at all, in this age of still readily available credit. “Buying” something these days can have very little to do with “Owning.”

So, back to the beginning of this blog. What do I mean by the devolution of our personal conversations?

I find myself many times, talking and relating to other people about the items I’ve recently consumed or plan on consuming or wish I could consume or consumed last year. This can be anything from Stuff that was bought, to Food, to Vacations, to Post-Secondary Education. Sometimes it’s sharing in pride, or warning another about a mistaken purchase, or convincing ourselves that life will be better when we just get to buy that “_(fill in the blank)__”.

And what is wrong with talking to our friends, family, or co-workers about Things that we’re bringing into our lives?

I think somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten that we are actually constructed by God, in his image, to be magnificent Creators. And Create we do! I believe there is much more valuable conversation to be shared between us as fellow human beings about what we are actually Creating in our lives, than the crap we bought lately.

And what would real Creations be? Personally, right now, I’m partial to the word “Overcome”, there are a few personal demons that I am right now working on creating solutions to Overcome. And to me, that is a wonderful creation that is conversation worthy! How about others though? Creations could be solutions and experiences in growth in areas like; personal goals, health, relationships, career/entrepreneurial, spiritual, emotional, academic, or self-awareness, just to name a few.

Truthfully, I love discussing topics like these, and love listening to others share of themselves too. I am much more interested in the human condition, than how well someone was sold a purchase, by a well-funded and clever marketing campaign.

So, I hope I’ve made my point that people are wonderful resources of compassion and encouragement and wisdom. If we can get to the real meat of what is going on in our real lives, and not just our consumer-ness, then we’re really adding to the collective pool.

From where I’m at today, in all the changes I’ve experienced, inside and out, I could really give a rip about my status as a proper consumer.

And speaking of right now, I’ve graduated into a new workshop series in my FAA training, where the final questionnaire is the first thing they ask you to read.

Through this course of several weeks/possibly months of study, hard work, coaching, gritty deep emotional digging and lots of prayer; I’m supposed to have some answer to these questions and more, at the end:

  • I know what I am naturally great at
  • I know what gives me meaning and purpose
  • I know how I think and interact with the world
  • I know why I exist
  • I know where I am headed
  • I know what I must do to get there
  • I know what keeps me on track
  • I know what will prevent me from getting there

Now, being able to confidently answer some of these questions, will make for some seriously stimulating conversation! I welcome any kind of invitation to coffee or lunch or a skype video call, if you’d like to chat about the little things in life, like “why I exist.”

I’m fascinated, just imagining the possiblities… and then when all this culminates to me being able to afford some stuff. I’ll go ahead and get that too… but please Stop Me, if I want to have a big ole conversation about a new SUV or a leather sectional. Thanks!


Aaron Nichols

4 thoughts on “Talk Doesn’t Have to be Cheap

  1. Aaron, what’s going on? After reading this post, we definitely need to chat! It is exciting to hear that you are progressing in your FAA training and I would love to hear more about it. But the point you make about how we judge people on what they consume is so true. We are so impressed by what people have bought or done so that is all we talk about and we never go beneath the surface and have a heart to heart conversation and discuss what we have a passion for. I know my wife and I have really tried to get surrounded in a church group that will hold us accountable and not just have “surface” level conversations. It is definitely not normal and challenging at times but it is worth it!
    But let me know a time that works for you so we can Skype my friend!

    • Jon!! Really glad to continue to keep in touch with you Bro, hope the new little one is doing GREAT!

      I’m sure you’re a wonderful father! It sounds like you may have some super cool small group things going on at your church? That’s Great! I’ve had similar and wonderful experiences, at church and in a couple other settings, really wakes us up, in great ways!

      Let’s talk soon!

      – A

  2. The conversations that you confront on a daily basis are not so in depth because the individuals who you encounter often times are not in the same place as you. In a review of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, you will see that many people continually work on the first three needs, known as the deficiency needs. These needs must be met to keep the person from feeling uncomfortable or unpleasant. These needs include, food, water, safety, housing, employment, friends, family and so on. You on the other hand have dealt with much of the above needs to an extent that you began working on “being” needs. Working on personal worth and growth, accomplishments and fulfilling your full potential are items that surround your daily life now.
    Many good people work on the “deficiency” needs all of there lives and are very content with that. When you realize there is more to life than just surviving and begin working on the “more” you will sometimes be let down. Continuing to listen to everyone about what they have to say (as you do a very good job of) may be your best bet. You can’t change them or where they are in life, so just appreciate each moment you can with them.

    • Rob – Brother 🙂 Thanks for input and insight today. I really respect and connect with these ideas as well. A blog like any art form, means something unique to each person, and today I am seeing that in this post. I appreciate your perspective and I hope you’ll continue to deliver it here, maybe another gueSTARtist post? 🙂

      One interesting thing to me, is that I could’ve written a very similar article in gradeschool, as I have always felt a full-ness of emotion and wanted to converse about that. I will check into Maslow’s heirarchy, and I hope that food, shelter and employment do not become any more of a concern than they already are, pretty high on my list!

      Can’t wait to see you Monday morning, I’m ready for Coffeeeeee!

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