Byproducts are Tasty! And YOU are a Debt-Free Multi-Millionaire!!

Oops!! I’ve screwed up again! And this one?? Well… It’s Really Really Bad!

HA! I can’t believe how dumb I’ve been for sooo long!

The proof of my mistake shows up in the vast white blankness of the list of coaching clients that I Don’t have. Here is where this website will deliver another gut-punching WHACK of Truth, unfiltered 🙂 Hope you enjoy 🙂

I have  a business in which I offer clients the opportunity to experience expertly delivered information, walk-along-with-you guidance and a butt-kickin’ accountability partner on your road to personal financial improvement. This may mean reduction of debt. It may mean highly organized monthly spending plans. It may mean building a cushion of cash to make your dreams sweeter and sleep easier each and every night… kinda like I do 🙂


Nobody Wants That!!

I apparently am offering a stinky nasty rotten egg that most people don’t want for breakfast, lunch or dinner… ever!

And I have to admit that I don’t blame ’em!!

Truth is… All that financial talk is never what started me on this whole Dave Ramsey kick anyway 🙂

So, I OFFICIALLY APOLOGIZE!! If I’ve ever mentioned to you, around you, or in conversation with your cousin, anything about paying off debt or living on a budget, I apologize. Truth! Ugh! Whack! Right in my Gut!

Okay, HERE is what sold me on the whole Dave Ramsey Thing in the first place.

“Live like no one else, then later, You’ll get to Live Like No One Else!” – Dave Ramsey…

So, let me introduce you to the brain of a 29 year old single guy who loved/loves trucks and trips and motorcycles and four-wheelers and campers and bicycles and jeeps and snow-skiing and florida and sand dunes and parties and yes, girls 🙂

Guess what I heard in that Quote from up there… “blah, blah, blah, Live Like No One Else!” – Dave Ramsey

I have to tell you that in the midst of the summer of 2008, when I began my Dave Ramsey Adventure, I was not thinking or caring about financial peace or budgeting or debt-freedom… I was thinking about TOYS!!!

OH BABY!! I was thinking about big fancy diesel trucks, big enclosed toy-hauler trailers, shiny new quads and big house to park it all at! I was thinking about traveling where-ever at the drop of a hat. In hearing those few words; Live Like No One Else, I instantaneously filled my mind with an unending catalog of all the cool trick stuff that I would LOVE to have. All the things that I had previously thoughy were out of my reach forever. Items that I figured were only for the Rich People, were now in my mental grasp… All I had to do was follow what this guy, Dave Ramsey, had to say! Got it! No Problemo Por Favor!

Truthfully Y’all. This was what sold me on the whole thing.

So why have I ever tried to sell a budget or an emergency fund or an envelope system to anyone?? Well, I must be mentally slow, I guess!!

All of those things, those critically important components of my journey to financial freedom, those bullet points that I have used to try to convince someone that this may be an interesting plan, are just plain Painful to discuss.

They are nothing more than a means, to put me and you, closer to, a Beautiful, Fantastic, Overwhelmingly Exciting Vision of a Bright and Shiny Future that YES; We can Attain and Yes; We DO Deserve!!!

Wow! That feels a TON better, Don’t It!

Whew!!! So, Anyone out there interested in things like Fancy Vehicles, World-Travel, Fine Dining, or A Big Ol’ Stinkin Stack of Cash in the Bank? Whelp, folks, these things can be yours. And to continue with the truth, these are Not the goals, but rather the ByProducts of a Healthy Financial Foundation.

I can’t say it any plainer. A life of financial peace, brings a lifestyle of abundance. Or I could use Dave’s words again, “Live like no one else, then later, You’ll get to Live Like No One Else!” 

So, today, I officially quit selling my services in the genre of budgeting, debt-reduction, blah, blah and blah! Officially, I start selling brighter futures, peaceful nights of sleep, and paid-for-fun of any type you can imagine!

BUT WAIT!! I know what you’re thinking… “Aaron, you did the debt freedom thing. You paid off everything including your house. What happened to the big trucks, new bikes and all that, HUH!!” Well, my friends, this process taught me a lot more than I can share in this one blog post tonight. My dreams were just a little childish and just a little materialistic, but thank GOD they were there, to send me down this unbelievably rewarding path 🙂

Go back a couple paragraphs and I’ll tell you this for tonight (we’ll cover more later on my growth and understanding of true wealth) I DID earn the right to choose any type of paid-for-fun that I could imagine. Right now I’m on my 14th month of pure adrenaline pumping good times without punching-in one day at a job that I absolutely had to. I have had around 420 days of doing what I Choose to do with my day, and that level of pleasure is really, really hard to put into words.

In fact, I’ve probably felt just a little too ashamed at how awesome it is; to really explain it in these words and put it out there to those who need to hear it most. My Bad.

You see, the coolest thing about becoming financially fit and debt free is that we each get to Choose what life we want for ourselves. It’s up to us. We are free.

What would you choose? I would LOVE to hear about your fantasy (but absolutley reachable) world! Seriously, let’s just play “I’m A Debt-Free Multi-Millionaire” in the comments below.

“Now, hold-up! Aaron, you’re not seriously a Multi-Millionaire are you?!?!?”

Nope. Far from it. But, I am Debt-Free. And that allows you or me to feel like one! I wouldn’t trade that feeling for all the zero-percent-financed fancy cars or 30-year-mortgaged-houses on a cul de sac that my awesome credit would have gotten me in the world. Thanks Anyway.

So, Here on today, We’re going to play “I’m A Debt-Free Multi-Millionaire!”

Okay, I’ll go first 🙂

As a Debt Free Multi-Millionaire, I intend my life to look exactly like this:

My Connection to God: All encompassing, everyday living the worship and unending gratitude. Personally connected through a strong Church and Community.

My Family: A beautiful wife with a zest for life and an understanding that a journey with me will be a lifelong learning process for us both! … Kids!

My Education: A constant enrichment of mind, body and soul!

My Who: Surrounded by people who lift and mentor, share wisdom and compassion. Open and honest, we’ll exchange ideas with the purpose of enhancing the pool of collective knowledge for the greater benefit… And Have Fun!

My Career: Using Each Day; the exact Gift of my own personal unique Calling that I recognize; allow to flow and then share with the world. Each of us has one, and it is a gift from God with the purpose of helping others. Which would be F-U-N! (I would love to hear your ideas of what you think this may be for me!!)

My Giving: Writing tithing checks as big as I used to dream my paychecks to be, and Anonymously dropping $10,000 tips to unexpecting waitresses… Wow, Supa’Fun!!

My Service: A foundation named in honor of my Family who’s passed on, I couldn’t be the Debt-Free Mutli-Millionaire without the heavenly guidance of Joel, Melissa, Dorothy, Megan, Steve and many others!

My Schedule: Using my time wisely for inner silence, family togetherness and serving others… and Having Fun!

My Travel: Trips to explore this awesome world! Skiing at Whistler, Castles in Germany, Australia, Japan and Cross-country Good Ole American Road Trips!

My Home: An expansive Kansan acreage called Sterling Estates, with a lodge-style home, outbuildings for the family/friend get-togethers and a big playground in the back for kiddos.

My Ride: A Mercedes G-Wagon – Blam!

My Toys: A Custom Guzzi Designed by Roland Sands featuring portraits of the true Stallions riding Italians, Dad, Uncles Steve and Stan. And Whatever else makes sense, within millionaire-reason, and in the pursuit of passion!

My Household stuff: blah blah blah who cares! whatever we need, always using common-sense!

Important note: I have put these items in what I consider to be the optimal order of importance. This is my opinion based on research and my life experience. I would love to hear feedback on this 🙂

Back to the title of this blog… The Byproducts are Tasty, and they’re what we want, but we gotta start with God, to do it right. And let’s not forget: He didn’t create us to enjoy Mediocrity. I believe we call it Stress when we’re suffering from the pain of separation from our true potential. He made us in His image and that is pretty darn Grand!!

Okay, Now it’s Your Turn!!

Thanks for being here today on, I really do love having you here. Thank You for taking your valuable attention and time and bringing it here 🙂


Aaron Nichols

PS: REALLY DON’T forget to play “I’m A Debt Free Millionaire!” in the comment section below!! I want to hear all the cool things you want for your life!!!

2 thoughts on “Byproducts are Tasty! And YOU are a Debt-Free Multi-Millionaire!!

  1. Wow Aaron that is one amazing blog post! An instant classic. I think you hit it right on the head, when dealing with money you have to focus on the “Why” and not the “What”. Because no one really cares about the “What”, the “What” is boring. Now the “Why” that is another story and your “Why” rocks! That is such a great list thanks for sharing! My list is basically to serve God and to advance his Kingdom. In addition to having a strong marriage while raising my family. I don’t want to have any regrets in life and I want to live my life in a way that is NOT comfortable. I want to be challenged to do new things and to test myself and never conform to what our culture says is “normal.”

  2. You don’t ever need to be a millionaire for me to admire all of your accomplishments and a burning desire to improve what you are doing and to continually think of the people around you, hoping to improve their lives.
    As I age, I feel so very selfish. A few years back I would wake up and think of the exciting things that I could be doing and maybe failing to say “Thank you Lord, I am healthy and still able to work”. Now I wake up and say “Thank you Lord,
    I don’t have too many aches and pains to get through the day”!!
    Thank you Aaron for sharing your thoughts–we love to read them!!

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