Thank God for Wasted Time

As much as I would love to exalt the minute-by-minute productivity possibilities of a man working without distractions in a home office, as I do, it just ain’t true. In fact, recently I’ve read several books on the subject of Going Pro, and getting serious about Fighting the very real enemy called Resistance that attacks without mercy those who choose a career in which your job is to just plain sit down and write.

So, as Steven Pressfield (the War of Art & Do The Work) and Steve Chandler (Time Warrior) are doing their very best to teach: the importance of winning this battle against Resistance is paramount. I honestly felt tonight, out-gunned, out-manned and overpowered by this force that uses conniving trickery to keep me distracted from a productive early finish to my Thursday blog project, among other things… 🙂

Yes, Today, when five O’clock came, I felt the calmness of an hour or two of my early evening in which to write these words you’re reading. I instead was out in the front yard with a couple cardboard boxes, a handful of white dimply golf balls and a sand wedge.

As I mentioned recently, I have been infected with the golf bug, and after today’s work (at home) I decided to bang around some chip shots in the front yard…. instead of writing my blog post.

NOW!  This severely cut into my blogging time, this pushed back things I should have been doing otherwise, this was Resistance at it’s finest! Luring me into play-time instead of work-time… AAHHHHHHH, and I even know better than to fall victim to it’s trap! As one defensive measure, I have recently re-configured my home office to better suit clear single-minded focus and reduce peripheral distraction!! Lotta good that did today!

But, there I was, taking short backswings and chopping at balls in the hopes of dropping just one into the Budweiser box set up in my needing-to-be-mowed grass thirty feet away. Luckily, for an instant, I did try to tell myself that even though I was putting off the blogging temporarily, I should enjoy these moments…

How do you feel when you know you should be doing something productive, but you just can’t bring yourself into that action?? Do you get down on yourself? Do you feel like ‘less than’ you could be?? Lately, I’ve been trying to let the feelings of distraction flow, acknowledge them and let them pass… I do feel lucky to have this set of struggles, It comes with this territory that’s been a long journey to get to.

AND… I am reminded, by the Almighty… that I Should appreciate my own efforts, even if I fail to produce on time, and instead whack around golf balls in my front yard. How do I know this??? Well, later, when I had run out of time to cook supper at home I decided to eat at the Brand’N Iron, before heading out to get a tire worked on at my buddy Kevin’s place…

As I waited on dinner and chatted with friends at the Bar and Grill my girlfriend owns, a man came in and took the barstool just to my left. I didn’t recognize him, but others did, there were smiles all around. As I glanced over and nodded hello, it occured to me that this gentleman’s left arm reached only to his elbow. Clearly he had lost the lower part of his arm at some point.

Thankfulness washed over me.

This person was in great spirits, his mood was light. I could learn a lesson from him.

My late afternoon was slightly marred by an hour of swinging a club in the front yard, instead of writing these words to you on the computer indoors… Would this man feel upset to have spent that one hour with two perfectly capable limbs, and two hands to grip the club, while swatting at a little white ball? I have a feeling that this same act that I was scolding myself for, would have been seen differently through his eyes 🙂

I appreciate these real-life reminders to be grateful… Lord knows, I need ’em!

I think we’re all given challenges according to that which we can handle. His genuine smile said it all, he was doing just fine 🙂 I hope I sit next to him again soon. I’m sure I have lots more to be thankful for and tons more to learn… and then maybe next time, I’ll make myself have this post finished before supper time 🙂


Aaron Nichols

One thought on “Thank God for Wasted Time

  1. Aaron–Your blog really hit me in the head. I spent so much time with you in your very young days. Did some of my procrastination rub off on you at that tender age?? You have surely outgrown all of my bad habits. Keep up the good work!! Your Grandmother

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