Crap-Eaters Unite! You’re gonna be pissed at me for this one!

The heavy shining steel blade of an imaginary sword in my two hands was the image that came to mind this morning. I was explaining to Lindsay the background behind the following sentence, that I wrote, on someone else’s blog, as a comment yesterday:

“I hope your audience is whittled by the edge of this post to a sharp and effective poking point that stabs an ouchie in the ass of the over-bloated crap-eaters all lining up for the next sale at Junk-You-Don’t-Need-Mart to impress the Cul-de-Sac-Neighbor-Clan. ”

Whaddya think of that??

It was in response to a blog by Kevin Miller, who is founder/CEO of Free Agent Academy, of which I’m a member. He wrote a very polarizing post about his personal gut reaction to the way:  “our culture and society hands out plates of crap and most folks say ‘thank you’. I just can’t. It’s crap. It smells and makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. It comes in the form of mindless media consumption and grotesque consumerism addiction and the worst to me, giving away our inheritance for a scrap of crap, or in other words…giving away our God-given calling for a lousy job to pay the bills so we can buy dumb ass stuff that is nothing close to an actual necessity.”

Hmm, this post could easily be found right here at, and I wanted him to know that. So I commented below his writing by picking up my own heavy keyboard-shaped sword and delivered a one sentence slice into the heart of the “normal crowd”.

I will fully admit, I lived as a crap-eater for many years. I now know what health-food is like. I won’t go back. But I have compassion for the Normals and feel compelled to try to wake them up, maybe you can help?

With this writing stuff and with my life, I’m really starting to ride the wicked, scalpel-thin edge that separates joy from stupidity, opinion from preaching, passion from anger, inspiration from conviction and genius from insanity.

Can YOU feel that?

I know you can. This is one plain-as-jane reason why: Last week’s post, One that I felt completely energized by, One that immediately sparked a wonderful reaction from an enthusiastic coaching buddy Jon White… had a deafeningly quiet “crickets-chirping” response thereafter until my wonderful Grandmother Carol Smell finally chimed in 🙂

Well, If you read last weeks post, and you didn’t want to comment with your fantastic free-form dreams of what you would do as a debt-free multi-millionaire, then I guess this post may be one of your last to read here. Cause that edge, that sorta thing, is what this site is allllllll about baby!

We are not only gonna DREAM BIG DREAMS. We are gonna GO DEEP and GET SPIRITUAL TOO!! And we want people like YOU to put in your two cents. We want to build up the number of non-crap-eaters! We want to encourage “The Turn”!!

That Razors Edge will now look more like your third grade math mistake. Thick smudged lines of dark number-two pencil, smeared and mushed back and forth by a purple-cow-shaped eraser that leaves more gunk behind than it picks up. We are gonna blurr that edge. That’s the direction we’re headed here!

So! Still Here?? K Good.

Tuesday Night, Two Days Ago – I found out for the first time in my Life that there is a book in the Bible named Joel.

Joel is my Dad’s name. Joel Sterling Nichols, my Dad, was in a boating accident with friends in the early summer of 1983 and drowned. I was four years old when my life left behind forever any chance of becoming “Normal”.

I cannot tell you that I have been some stern student of The Word for many years. In fact this spiritual awakening in me, is very young. But, I’m glad it’s here and now you’ll know why… this kinda spiritually goose-bumpy stuff happens to me every day.

I found the book of Joel on page 1352 of my NIV Study Bible.

It’s really Short. Just like the length of time I spent with him here in the physical world. Hmmm….

The “Study Notes Introduction” explains that his father “Pethuel” is unknown. In my world, my Dad’s Dad was unknown to me, he passed just after I was born. Another coincidence…

This book of the Bible, written by Joel, dates between the late seventh and early fifth century B.C. has exactly THREE chapters ending in TWENTY-ONE verses.

Anyone know why 3:21 would be an important number to me?

My Birthday.

Folks, this life of ours is freaking chocked-full of awesome surprises, Real-Life spiritual hints, miracles and fantastic opportunities. Lets pick up our vision out of the plate-O’-crap that the “normal world” is currently slopping away at, and give some thanks for its divinity. Just as I said last week, God didn’t create us to enjoy Mediocrity. It’s too bad that, since we’ve been fed this garbage so long it doesn’t even taste bad anymore, that now I’m the weird one for thinking that we were created with unlimited potential.

The crap-eater mentality is not so much of a mistaken choice of diet, but a feeding frenzy on a much too-small piece of imagined possibility. As Kevin said in his post “Trade in the crap for God’s feast.”

You can think what you want of this post. I may end up here all by my lonesome pounding these keys and slashing away with my typographical blade, but I can tell you one thing. I feel the power of the almighty working through me at times like this, and I know you’ve felt it too. Isn’t it time we celebrate just a little bit and dare to DREAM something BIG.

I’m ending with a question today that my Friend Jacob Sokol Posted on his website back in December of 2010 ” What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you couldn’t fail? And of course, why?”

Let’s try it again this week. Post up a comment below with your answer. Join in the conversation! I know how many people read this blog every week and there are more of you out there than you think 🙂 HA! This is our little place to get weird, so go ahead, it’s safe here on… or please go back to the crap-buffet. They’re loading it up right now and I’m sure you won’t want to miss that!

With My Heart Full of Crazy Love for You!

– Aaron

” What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you couldn’t fail? And of course, why?”



3 thoughts on “Crap-Eaters Unite! You’re gonna be pissed at me for this one!

  1. This is a stinkin’ great post. And I LOVED your comment on Kevin’s post (which I followed to find you HERE). You are such a hilarious writer – and so real, honest, convicting, inspiring. Am your newest ‘follower!’

    Your story about the book of Joel is really precious – thanks so much for sharing that glimpse into your past & your heart. His Word is so full of life-right-now insight – and what a great example of that!!

    Keep on typin’ –

  2. oh. ooops.
    a DREAM….

    I would write really incredible books – on marriage, parenting, living life outta-the-box – and become a sought-after speaker on those subjects.

    But really? I’m afraid of failure. Oh yeah…and I’m kinda full-to-overflowing with raising seven kids, home schooling, changing diapers, supporting my husband’s growing business…

    But someday…someday…

  3. Brother…love the conviction and passion here. Thanks for putting it on the line. Eager to see you refine your message and get it in front of more and more folks. People who will get on a soap-box and risk offending are bordering on extinction. Keep the faith!

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