TMI?? You know that’s how I roll!

A Manifesto is Brewing…

Every Thursday, on this blog, I’m throwing out the most writable thoughts that come to mind between 5:00 and oh, maybe 8:00.

Lately I’ve enjoyed posting real-life silliness and seriousness that is fun to write and therapeutic for me to share.

After posting, especially a personal topic, I just love to watch the Stats page climb through the next few days. It shows me the results of how many visits have piled up.

I am amazed and blessed, flattered and honored to have a regular following of readers of these words. Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!

You may wonder about the “Ready for Better” topics and their origin? As I’ve stated, my thoughts are a scrambled high-voltage buzz of white noise that goes with me everywhere I do, maybe yours are the same??

During my daily brain bombardment, when a tasty topic or observation comes to mind, I have a piece of paper that I scribble it on. I am now on paper #2 since beginning this blog in the fall of 2010. Like paper #1 before it… It’s a random patterned mess full of scribbles!!! 🙂

BUT, I am struggling with a certain topic. In fact, I’ve put off writing it several times. It seems too big to jump into, and with it comes risk and fear 🙂

You see, I LOVE the fact that you are reading this right now. I want to engage, inspire and share with you.

I do not however think that all of my thoughts are palatable to everyone. Some things may push a boundary beyond entertainment or even inspiration and into new world of thought…

I can see, that from my previous-self’s point of view, it could come across just as uncomfortably crazy as Alice’s trip down the Rabbit Hole.

However, I have been irreversibly changed in the last year. Just like Neo in the movie the Matrix… I have taken the Red Pill.

New Truths have been shown to me. They have opened my eyes.

I now live with a New Perspective.


But, as the saying goes… “The only person who likes change, is a baby with a dirty diaper.”

So, as I struggle with finding ways to share these new perspectives. Please, please know that from the beginning, every step of my journey, was meant to help someone else find hope and answers in their own situations. Whether it be purely financial peace that someone is reaching for; or just to raise their own awareness that they deserve Better!

So far, I am failing at directly helping the people in my community through personal coaching. This was one of my goals that I’ve yet to fulfill.

Here lies the root thoughts that are growing into something bigger than a blog post.

My recent experiences and new perspectives have started the simmer of a brutally honest, viciously raw and searingly white-hot Manifesto of ideas that, when written, will leave me gutted wide-open, vulnerable to all…

I am not sure that I am fit enough to explore further down this rabbit hole right now. It’s scary…

but I’m training for it 🙂

You as readers, have shown me with your visits that when I am most personal and most honest, the most of you show up…

I wonder how far you’ll go with me on this journey??

The time is not now to decide Red or Blue, but I hope for all of us that when it is time, You and I will have the Courage to Try.

Thank You again for being here with me on this blogging adventure. It really is much more than that. Ready for Better is my personal journal, told through show-and-tell.

I hope we are all appreciative of each blessed day that we have been given on this Earth.

I truly do Love You. Thank You. I am literally thrilled with You being here with me!

Stay tuned, who knows what fun could come from all of this!!


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