The Little Blue… P’ P’ P’ Powerhouse!

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can!
One of my favorite childhood bedtime stories, (and there were tons of ’em!) was The Little Engine that Could.Seeing the cover here, really takes me back to a hot summer night at Ten ‘Oh Three, South Hickory in Ottawa, Kansas… With the attic fan moving cool air through my bedroom after a late evening bath… Hair still wet, tucked under a sheet in my smurf-print underwear and a metallic-glitter-print Dukes of Hazzard T-shirt reading one of these great Golden Books 🙂

Anyway, the story is about a happy little train who’s broken down, but has an important payload that must make it to the other side of the mountain. There are lots of stuffed animal toys and dolls and red-cheeked apples for all the little girls and boys 🙂
They were in desperate need of another engine to help them out.The few different trains who came along at first had their own reasons to pass by, until finally the little blue engine showed up and decided to give it a shot.

The main quote from this little story still resonates today as a great lesson.

You can do incredible things when you tell yourself “I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can!”
When I bring up all this financial stuff… And openly talk about being Debt Free, using the simple solid financial principals taught by Dave Ramsey and many others… What are your first thoughts?
Are you like the Shiny New Engine?
“I am a passenger engine! I have all the shininess and cushy comforts of brand-new-ness. My financial ways have brought me this slick stuff. It costs a lot. I am in debt, but I have good credit and I can make my payments. So I am not interested in working my way up and over the debt-free mountain.”
Or are you like the Big Strong Engine?
“I am a freight engine. I have important sophisticated ways of handling things! I have a strong income and I do things my way. I can pull heavy loads and make big things happen. I do not need to bother with these little ideas. I am too powerful to need to be up and over the debt-free mountain!”
Or are you like the Old Tired Engine?
“I am tired. I have had such a long and strenuous journey. I am rusty and need a break. “I cannot, I cannot, I cannot see myself chugging up and over the debt-free mountain.”
Or maybe, just maybe, you are just like the Little Blue Engine!
“I am not the strongest, or the biggest. I have never attempted something like this before. I do see how important it is to get to the other side of that debt-free mountain! I want to see what life is like over there!”So determinedly you start say to yourself “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!”

Getting off to a slow start is okay, because by having true belief that “You Can”… Then reaching the top is possible and the Ride down the Other Side… will be Breathtaking!!!

Remember that the whole point of this story is to help the little girls and boys? Yes, our journey to debt-freedom may bring unprecedented joy to us… but think of all the good things we can do for the little ones in our life, when we have not a payment in the world and we just want to give and spread God’s love!If you’ve got that Little Blue Engine inside of you, then I am your biggest fan! I know what it’s like to make that journey myself, and I’ll cheer you on in any way I can. I believe you can do it, and I hope you do too!


Aaron Nichols
True North Financial Fitness Coaching

Got a leaky Wallet? Bulging budget or none at all? Dilapidated Debt that you’re sick of living with?  You are losing hard earned dollars every month! Let me show you how to spackle the cracks and firm up your financial foundation. DIY or using my professional services, either way, the best time to fix your finances is Now!

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