Kidding For Real

Just noticing this week how a kid comes back when they’re given a little attention. I have a funny pair that always harass and joke with me at the restaurant. One is a young and sassy girl, then big brother joins in too.

I could almost give you a word for word description of every time an adult took time to engage in a conversation with me, when I was a kid. When a big person, swings their attention away from the other big people, and lean down into the little person’s level, it creates an amazing bond.

I know that it meant a lot to me, when I was growing up. I probably connected better with some adults who wanted to really talk to me, than the kids my age who just wanted to goof around. Well, that’s just the way I was, and still can be now.

I hope I keep remembering, as my little girl grows, the importance of seeing eye to eye with the little ones.

These days I have my mini-friends visiting often at the Brand’N Iron, and they are some of my very favorite guests. A couple packages of crackers keep them happy. I know we are all doing a good job, when the smallest diners are smiling 🙂

Until next week, say hi to the kids for me.


Aaron Nichols

One thought on “Kidding For Real

  1. Welcome to my world! Children are eternal souls, and deserve to be treated as such. Sometimes they just need to be noticed, but the two essentials for “normal” development in all children is for them to know they are loved, and to know they are valuable. When you take time out of your world to enter their world and talk to them, you are providing these essentials.

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