No Lullaby Needed

Not much has changed in the last week, since I visited this blog. In fact a bunch is still the exact the exact same as one week ago tonight. It is late, I have worked a long day. I am ready for bed and yet, I want to write and keep up this little texty tradition here.

Okay, so my wife and I had a baby last weekend. So that part of life is new. But a lot of the good stuff is just as it was before. The extra or bad stuff seems to have drifted away for now, thank God. So that is new, and awesome.

A week ago about this time of night, I didn’t know it, but my very pregnant wife, was about to start the laboring process. Right now, little Joella is laying on my chest and just stirring a bit, while hearing me click these keys. πŸ™‚ Joella is the new baby, our little gift from God. She’s healthy and perfect in our eyes. And really I suppose I should say that she has completely changed my life πŸ™‚

Isn’t that the obvious point though?

I have just noticed a few key things that surprised me about the process of having a new baby and I wanted to share them, as you probably assumed I would πŸ™‚

  • The perfectness of God’s design of the delivery process is mindblowing.
  • I am not man enough, to do the ‘woman’s work’, that comes with a new baby.
  • A peacefulness arrived with our daughter. My mind hasn’t been this calm and clear in years, maybe ever. Purpose can bring peace.
  • A new baby is one thing that brings together people, no matter what. I have experienced more generosity and well wishing than any other time in life, including our marriage.
  • We got lucky, we have a healthy child and healthy mother. I know not everyone receives such a precious gift. I don’t want to take that for granted.

I don’t need to write a lot this week, because the inner angst and fiery point of view that brings so many emotions to this screen is serene and open, instead of stormy and dark. Also, there is not much that I can really do, to construct and decorate the story and truths evident, that I witnessed this week. My skills at writing seem to be about noticing divine in the mundane, or uncovering wisdoms and lessons in everyday life. None of that needs to be said, about the arrival of our little Joella Denise. God handled it all πŸ™‚

Today is the birthday of little Joella’s namesake. My Dad, her grandpa, Joel Sterling. I have thought about him alot today, and I am sure he’s been watching over our new little family. Happy Birthday Dad, we all love ya πŸ™‚

MostΒ of all I want to the express that my love for my wife, is deeeeeper now, than I ever could have imagined. She, like all mothers, really earned this little baby. My job has been quite easy so far. Lindsay is impressing me more and more by the day, with how she is handling this daunting task of learning to care for our little girl.

This little preciousness is still sleeping away, she jolts when I breathe in deep. I think I will just sit and enjoy this awhile πŸ™‚


With Love,

Aaron Nichols


4 thoughts on “No Lullaby Needed

  1. Aaron and Lindsay–What a little darling you two brought into our lives– I know
    God breathed life into this precious little girl and you will continue to nurture her
    to the best of your ability. Can’t wait to see her. GGma Carol & GGpa Bill

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