Weirdforgood Hangout – 9 – Never Too Late – Goals vs. Games

Wow, these Hangout discussions keep blowing my mind! Thanks to the dynamic input of Michael and Melissa, we’re bringing you some great substance of discussion here on the web! Take a cool mental dip into your pool of potential and put down the junk food of the web for the next 30 minutes. We’ve produced another great Weirdforgood Hangout video! And coming soon, is a podcast version of these discussions as well!

And we ask for your Feedback too! Leave a comment below!

Our launching point is In My Next Life from last week’s blog.

With Aaron Nichols, Melissa Ford & Michael Wright

You’ll want to have a notepad handy this week!

Another great discussion that we invite you to check out!

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To be part of next week’s Hangout – Email Me at, each week I send out an invitation email with the details on how to get setup. (It’s pretty easy) then join us at 5:30 CST with 45 minutes to get in depth and have a fun – REAL discussion!

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