Weirdforgood Hangout – 4 – Exhausting Love Making on Valentine’s Day

We invite you to watch and leave your own comments on the discussion we host in the Hangout this week, and next week, JOIN US, if you dare 🙂

Our launching point is Exhausting Love Making on Valentine’s Day from last week. Michael and I discuss ‘What’s Next’, we ‘See Peace in Chaos’, and ‘Beat the Busy Bully!’

Check it out!

We Cover life issues like:

  • Finding Peace in the most hectic and active moments of ‘battle’
  • Controlled Chaos and Mistakes are part of finding Peace
  • Killing Self Conscious Carefulness in Intentional Pursuit of Your Goal
  • Find our Fears and Go For It!

Another great discussion that we invite you to check out!

And cool stuff like that…


To be part of next week’s Hangout – Email Me at, each week I send out an invitation email with the details on how to get setup. (It’s pretty easy) then join us at 5:30 CST with 45 minutes to get in depth and have a fun – REAL discussion!

2 thoughts on “Weirdforgood Hangout – 4 – Exhausting Love Making on Valentine’s Day

  1. . The music in my office is connected to my computer, so I am unable to view this right now. I will try later this evening or tomorrow.
    Snow is coming. I am certain this will be met with mixed emotions

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