$2400 in 2 Weeks

Post push, out of left field, fiercely focused and funneled, toggling between true work, and trusting the almighty, a major milestone was reached this week.

I hit a goal that I thought was completely impossible just two weeks ago.

It just took all I had, that’s all.

From the depths of despair concerning falling short, being between that Rock and that Hard Place, something magical did occur.

It feels surreal early this morning as I know it’s done. For Now.

There was something I had challenged myself to do. I used the tools and support and expertise of my Coach, the iridescent, magical and wise, Megan Sillito, to test me.

It is still boggling my mind that this financial goal has happened. In fact, I can’t even exactly describe how it all came together. In small chunks, in medium chunks, from every area of my life, little pieces were magnetized to an overall intention and together they formed a beautiful mosaic of achievement. Far beyond me, far beyond my ability, my capability, the threads that came together, are now a beautifully spun tapestry.

How much did it take? All of it. Where did it come from? Everywhere. Did I earn it all? Yes. Was it hard work? Absolutely and Not too. My energy, clients’ energy, the support of my wife, a flow formed moment by moment. It was impossible to step back, to analyze it’s progress. It wasn’t a forecast, then 7 steps, then a predicted result. It was upward action at times, at other times rest, even stressed rest, wondering what the outcome could be.

This post may be vague to you. Fine. I bet, however, if you look back at something amazing that has happened in your life, something that you half-chose, and half-chose you, it will have a ring of familiarity. I did not produce this result alone. I could not. This is not a moment of self-deprecation, however, just a truth, that one person alone doesn’t produce anything. It has taken a team, a working team of my Creator, my Wife, my Coach and my Clients, Others too, who had no idea they were contributing something profound to my life. More than a few bucks, they gave me hope. I crossed a personal finish line in a grueling marathon that I signed myself up for. People do that ya’ know.

Why? It’s the same reason for everyone, because we can. Because we want to grow. Because stillness is only good in small moments, otherwise it’s stagnation. Sitting in one place, mired in the ‘same-ol, same-ol’ kills us. These challenges feel like death at times too, but it’s the opposite. Real growth hurts, we’ve been taught pain is death, tragically. This pain is life. This pain is new muscles being formed. It’s the burn of the fire in the forge. The forge heats our mettle, we’re then shaped by hammer blows. Our raw form becomes usable tools. Solid, strong, a sharp edge, to be put to work, to His work, time and again.

“Make me an instrument of your peace” starts the Prayer (attributed) of Saint Francis.

We can and will become that. How long will it take? Maybe a lifetime? Maybe forever? If we want to be that instrument now, we’ve got to endure the Blacksmith’s almighty hammer.

I am closer to becoming a precision instrument, for His will, every day. I can’t take credit for that. I will get the reward of my work. Amazing idn’t it? 🙂

If you haven’t done anything Astounding in awhile. If you haven’t Astonished yourself in awhile. Let’s Talk. The world needs You. We need the Best of You 🙂 Now 🙂


Aaron Nichols

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