Screw Itsy-Bitsy

What would I say, if I wasn’t afraid…

I see that you’re living the normal good life, and I’m concerned…

You’d better get it looked at. Those things can be fatal!

Normal is the last thing that brings stimulation to our Soul. Good is the Enemy of Great. Living, Truly Living, means expressing and exercising your unique gifts, the You-Ness in a way that titillates. To BeLiving raises the consciousness of the world itself. It’s what we’re here for. It can be tender like a cultivation, with encouragment and sensitive awareness. Or it can be cannon fire, explosions, our guts and our failures too.

Hot or Cold is Love Baby; Lukewarm is Death.

Or maybe it’s showing someone else, the One Thing that is holding them back. Sure, that can be love, but Jesus does that best. Our little toddler egos pretend we’re world-wise, while we rip, complain and whine the weeks away, sitting in the same place as last year.

Yes, It’s YOU, I’m talking to today – Not someone else, It’s YOU I had in mind while writing these words. This is an enthusiastic call to action, created today for You.

The fork in the road exists right now.

Call Me. I Love You. Let’s have a REAL conversation. 

And YES, just in case YOU were wondering… You’re not alone. There are Some People who LOVE these conversations. There are some people who are improving the world. There are some people who want to connect with someone else, who ‘gets’ this…

Today, You can join them 🙂

I will make it easy to start, I promise, then we turn up the flame! I am running a 2 pack ($250) and a 4 pack ($400) session special right now.  These are $100 dollar conversations, but that is just so not the point… You need to finally invest in yourself. You need to commit to it. You don’t need to give up as much as I have, just to get started 🙂

The diagnosis is this – Normality is fatal. Get some medicine – Weird Medicine. Come back to LIFE, from the brink of Death… Or Don’t. The Choice is beautifully Yours 🙂

“There is always the temptation in life to diddle around making itsy-bitsy friends and meals and journeys for years on end. It is all so self conscience, so apparently moral…But I won’t have it. The world is wilder than that in all directions, more dangerous…more extravagant and bright. We are…raising tomatoes when we should be raising Cain, or Lazarus.” – Annie Dillard


With Enthusiasm!

(but that’s just what I would say, if I wasn’t afraid to 🙂 )

Aaron Nichols

5 thoughts on “Screw Itsy-Bitsy

  1. Really makes you stop and think. I think it is easy to get caught up in your day to day life of what you need to get done or you need to accomplish that day in order to keep “living”. But it is essential to stop and realize that even in your day to day life there are things you can do to make it extraordinary. What I take from your post is that it is important to do things everyday that make your life great, but also to remember that not everyone is going to agree with you. But that’s ok because it’s ok to be different and do what makes you happy. Also what makes your life great or extraordinary may not be what makes someone else’s life great. We’re all different and that’s what makes the world go ’round.

    • I would say (if I wasn’t afraid): Normal, lukewarm, raising tomatoes, going through the motions—it’s all just existing. We (I) should do more than just exist. We (I) should take a deep breath and dream, jump blindly, sing, dance, serve, write, pray, give thanks—none of us should be afraid to do more than just exist. I see you dreaming and jumping blindly and doing more than just existing—dare we all follow your example?

  2. I got tired of living a normal life. I wouldn’t say it had been a bad one, but I knew there was something else in me that wanted more and definately something different. I worked with Aaron recently and it really changed my life and things haven’t been “normal” since and definately not “lukewarm”. It was a wake up call for me and really went way beyond what I expected. Since then, I have made some really big changes that have made a big impact on me and those around me, and I’m still working on things today. There’s no turning back now!

  3. What inspiring words; made me stop and do a pulse check on my Normality levels to make sure they’re not too high! I always get charged up about the possibilities and plans that lie beyond “good” after talking with you Aaron, and you’ve done it again here. As you put it…

    “The fork in the road exists now”
    So, do I stay on the road I’m already on? – OR – Do I look change square in the eyes, make a turn & take a new road?!
    That choice is BEAUTIFULLY mine!
    (I love when I’m in charge of my own choices in life!)

    Here’s to Weird Medicine… and coming back to life! Cheers!

    P.S. – And … I believe you should keep on saying what you WOULD say, if you weren’t afraid! 🙂 Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings… “Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.”

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