Logos, I’ve created TONS of ’em. Too many to count.

You have too, lemme explain.

I have a professional level skill in graphic design that I’ve used for many years, and yes, you probably think that’s what I’m talking about with Logos.

A company name, or school name, or event name layered with shapes or an image and a font that expresses a unique quality… That is a Logo right?

Sure, but there’s more…

I remember waaay back in grade school, when computers had real floppy disks and the screen was just black and green, there was a program named Logo.

Did you ever use it??

I spent tons of time typing in commands to a little green ‘turtle’ that would zip around the monitor, and leave a trail behind him. He could go left, right, up or down and maybe even angles too. It would only take like a whole painstaking hour to create a set of stair steps graphics and make you feel completely genius as a computer programmer…

Anyway, that software was called Logo – it began my experience with computers.

And now, on Wednesday nights at my church, I spend an hour and a half being a ‘table parent’ at our kids’ program… Called… you guessed it, Logos!

My job is to sit down and eat dinner with 2nd-6th grade kiddos while we keep a civilized and orderly table together. We pass our dishes family style and share about our week at school or whatever. It is another fantastic program that I’m lucky to be a part of.

Now, why spend all this time pointing out that this word Logos has been in my life so long?

And why say that You Too have created Tons of Logos in your life?

Well, Pastor Tim had explained awhile back that the Greek translation of the word Logos, is basically Word.


1580–90;  < Greek lógos  a word, saying, speech, discourse,thought, proportion, ratio, reckoning,
akin to légein  to choose,gather, recount, tell over, speak; compare 

Sure, we’ve all created tons of Words in our lives, right?? How important are they?

They speak our lives into existence. The ones we choose are paramount.

Powerful Are Words.

In fact, the most divine of Word, shows up as Logos in John 1:1

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Wow. I was blown away when Tim shared this definition.

lo·gos -[loh-gos, -gohs, log-os] 

noun 1.( often initial capital letter ) Philosophy. the rational principle that governs and develops the universe.

2. Theology . the divine word or reason incarnate in Jesus Christ. John 1:1–14.

Is it a profound ‘coincidence’ that my life itself has been saturated with this idea of Logos since early childhood? And now, every week, I sit among the bright and silly kiddos of our church, while they express the true essence of the love of Jesus Christ.

I see and love that Logos, the Word, Christ, has been with me, and is with us Always.

Thanks be to God.


Aaron Nichols


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