Our personalities are NOT permanent.

Believing that we ‘always this’ or ‘never that’ is an illusion.

Luckily, I started to test this theory a few years ago.

By sheer stubbornness and even blind stupidity at times, I kept testing it.

We can change, and grow and decide just exactly who and what we’d like to be.

How would we like to show up today? How do we want our future to look?

These are absolutely blank-canvas questions. Will we paint only a quarter inch square on the corner of our huge canvas of possibility?

Will we stop when we get to the edges of new territory?

Will we dwell in the same place as always, getting the same results as always?

I ask these questions today, to remind myself that I too, at times, forget to keep pushing. Forget to test and try and travail.

Although, I put up this picture of my beautiful wife, on our beautiful wedding day, 11 months sober, and truly blessedly happy, to remember that at one time in life, my ‘personality’ would not have ‘fit’ into this situation.

“My personality’ would have found all the reasons why this situation was impossible. Possibly unwanted and for surely undeserved, I would’ve talked myself out of even thinking about ‘Me’ being the man smiling in this picture…

A bold person would call this change a miracle. They would be right 🙂

It wasn’t quick, it wasn’t easy, but obviously, it was possible. Maybe that’s how miracles really work?

They are available to you too. Right here, right now.

Thanks be to God!


Aaron Nichols

2 thoughts on “Miraculous!

  1. What a joyous time!! Thank you for sharing your post, you are a great couple
    and thanks for allowing so many to partake in this very special occasion. We love you both!!

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