A Quick Hitch to a Long Amazing Journey

Do It Now.

Do It Now.

Do It Now.

If you’ve been into the ‘self improvement’ genre for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt heard the story of W. Clement Stone and “Do It Now.” from several sources.

Among Stone’s many secrets for success, like the value of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and that the Bible was ‘the world’s greatest self-help book’, his “Do It Now” mantra became the broken-record repeating self-instruction guide.

Basically, he taught his insurance sales force to constantly remind themselves to “Do It Now” and then they would automatically begin to take action on projects. This battled their natural procrastination habits.

Well, Lindsay and I are getting married this Sunday. We’ve decided to “Do It Now” 🙂

And NO, this plan has not been some long-incubated idea that we’re finally telling everyone about. We started the discussion last Tuesday night, and made phone calls Wednesday morning. One after the other, important keys started to fall into place. With tons of green lights ahead, we said “It’s a Go.”

We did decide to “Do It Now!”


Even though we came up with the ceremony idea and plan in one short conversation, I can assure you, this has not been a quick process.

In fact we’ve been grinding slowly away at big tough issues for many months. Even if this weekend’s events have been put together quickly. (With the awesome help of a bunch of friends and family!), the decision to get married wasn’t fast at all.

On this public forum, I will not go into all the details. Let’s just say that our couple-ship has been stretched and tested through this process. We’ve run up against road blocks and seemingly immovable objections. At times we didn’t know how to proceed. There were dead ends.

More than once, I was regretful that we had chosen to work so hard at figuring out all these inter-personal, inter-faith and future-deciding details. It seemed that life would’ve been easier to skip right thru, and avoid them.

And then…

And then there divine moments of clarity. Inspiration and creativity and new levels of understanding would show up, at just the right place. In the nick-of-time.

God intervened.

Our relationship built new muscles from the tired and stretched out sinew that was barely keeping us together.

This may seem dramatic, yet it’s very true.

I would share them with you if you asked in person. Actually, WE could share them, and  would be glad to 🙂

So Anyway!! Last Thursday was the first time, I had something specifically on my mind, and didn’t share it here.

I knew about the wedding plans, and didn’t blurt it out on the blog…

And as I said, I didn’t want to rush things! 🙂


Aaron Nichols



7 thoughts on “A Quick Hitch to a Long Amazing Journey

  1. Congrats, Aaron & Lindsay! We will be out at the lake for a family reunion at the same time, so I’ll send positive thoughts & good tidings from Michigan Valley to Wolf Creek:)

  2. I am so happy for you and Lindsay! What an awesome couple! Wish I could be there…..we will be celebrating the well-lived life of my Mom who went to be with her Lord. I will be thinking of you both on your happy day. Love to you!


  3. The best marriages start with humble beginnings!!!
    Yup, Kevin & I decided to go ahead & tie the knot on a Sunday…made it happen that next Wednesday afternoon, in our church courtyard, with just a few family members & friends. Best thing we ever did…!!!

    HUGE congrats to you two, for embarking on the best thing you’ll ever do!

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