The Real Thing Baby

So I get on this blog and pop the keys about life and experiences, God, Jesus and my adventures in coaching.

And when it comes to coaching, a lot of time, my studies and education come in the form of soaking up new ideas and material. Using audio programs, books and peer coaching, I am a full time student, with fantastic teachers. ūüôā

But not this week.

This week it was all about the real thing baby!

Four individuals took time to block out a space of their schedule to really look at what’s going on and where they’re at.

Nothing wrong with where we’re at.

Unless we’d like to choose something different, or better, or truer. Or less frustrating.

So we looked at how that could happen, what was missing.

And when we did…

Magic showed up!

These people. Good Ole Regular People like you and me, became Alive with¬†possibility¬†and genius and potential. They instantly created useful tools to lever themselves out of a jam, or into a new world. One they’re now creating, and owning, instead of living the same ole default story.

I personally spent over 7 1/2 hours this week, in one-on-one powerful conversations, in real life, and true shifts happened.

In these moments it’s so clear, that People Are Amazing Beings!

I love this coaching stuff so much. The revelations, gooselumps, the tears and the goodbye hugs were indicators of something real happening. In the real world.

The one we live in.

So, I’m not bringing another clever and newfangled metaphor to your handy IPad, SmartyPhone or Dinosaur-Desktop Screen in this post.

Don’t need ’em tonight. The real life version is much better.

Does this mean that my blogging days are over?


BUT, I will say that opportunities are opening up, and movement is happening. And it all was sparked by making a Choice. A Choice to make a bold request of myself, and of others. And seeds previously planted are not only sprouting for me, but Blooming for the folks who are taking a step forward for themselves.

Next week, I’ll update with a grin, as I am once again Out West. On the Cali coastline.

I’ll have a fairly full day of a direct flight to L.A. then a rent-a-car as far up or down the coast as I wish. Excited; is not word enough!

After a play day, it’ll be onto higher education in the personal presence of coaching masters like Steve Chandler, Michael Neil and Ron Wilder,¬†and many others.

My conversations this week? A couple were wide-open, discovery sessions that led to hidden treasures.

Not all were searching though…

One in particular, was quite serious and action oriented. The eyes tell it all. They have made the choice to Find, Focus, and Create their world, the way they’ve decided it will be.

B-R-A-V-O! and¬†Watchout World! We’re not taking life lying down anymore!


Aaron Nichols

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  1. Aaron there is nothing quite as beautiful as driving highway 1. If you can make it up to the redwoods which is a couple hours north of San Fran I would highly recommend it. It’s absolutely breath taking. Something I will never forget.

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