Puppy Love

People offer us Puppies.

Hey Aaron and Lindsay, You like dogs! We’re going to have puppies soon, and the Mom is a great blah-blah-blah with no papers, and we’re pretty sure the Dad is a such-and-such and we think they’re going to be real cute!

So You’d take one wouldn’t ya?!?! 


I do like Dogs.

I even think puppies are cute.

But when we recently discussed this around our house, the thing that kept coming to me was: “I like our life right now, why would I want a puppy to ruin it?!” 

Honestly, I look at the responsibility of a puppy as a huge commitment. Lots of energy, lots of work, and a possible 15 year relationship, is a big deal to me!


I can remember back when my good friend Roxy was just a new pup around here. It did all start out so cute and cuddly!

I know I enjoyed some of those super-fun feelings of playing with her, and thinking everything she did was so funny and adorable.

But not quite everything.

As she got a just a little bigger, a little bolder, she became a real hellion!

It was in her nature, there was nothing I could do.

A small list of things I remember dealing with, for her first 2 or 3 years of life

  • Being able to escape from any enclosure, The Houdini Dog
  • On the loose, she ran all over town
  • Scattering trash all over the lawn was normal
  • She once bounded across the road in front of a car and under the wheels.
  • And more than once, she brought home full size couch cushions, from somewhere, and tore them to shreds. The layer of fluffy white stuff all over my front yard, got her in Big Big Trouble!

So, we battled through those years. I know there had to be some good times in there. But there was a lot of just dealing with her problems constantly.

Now. Fast forward a few more years, and honestly, I have to admit, she’s a grade-A good mutt, that I’m so appreciative to have around.

She’s 5 now, and has mostly matured nicely.

Our road-trip a couple years ago, cemented our friendship. I guarantee, I’d take her any where, any time. People usually warm up to her and she does well with other dogs. Overall, I have to say she’s added way more positive value to my life, than the mishaps and frustrations she caused, while being all puppy.

So; where’m I goin’ with this??

Well, I’ve talked a lot here about learning to be a coach, and my personal journey, and the last couple years of my struggles and opportunities to grow and transform.

Really, this whole coaching adventure, has been puppy-hood.

Of course, just like getting a new puppy, it was all cute and fun at first. I was in love with everything about it!

I just had to go all the way from the very first. I wasn’t happy with the idea of just playing with coaching on the nights and weekends. I wanted to do it full time. I knew it wouldn’t be perfect, but I was up for the potty breaks and poop-scooping, because I was enamored!

Then, the puppy and my solo-dependence on this idea of building a coaching practice turned into the rowdy and destructive phase. Oh yes, I’m very willing to share with you, all the things that this adventure has chewed up, and scattered all over my lawn.

I would prefer to do it in person, and in an intimate conversation. Some of it is quite painful.

So, through all my efforts to wrangle and contain this wild and unruly idea of mine, I’m realizing now, that it may have just been doing what comes naturally.

I could’ve been more prepared.

My puppy Roxy, and my baby business, shouldn’t have been expected to show up instantly as a well-behaved mature and trick-trained animal.

In both cases however, I haven’t given up.

Even when I’m almost out of patience, and I’m not sure if I can keep this wild animal, something tells me, that with effort and energy and practice, it will mature.

I am luckily in contact with many people who show me that it is possible. They work with me and demonstrate that it is worth the effort in the end. They spend their time serving real people, helping them move forward on real issues, and dramatically change and improve their lives. In fact, these coaches that I learn from, do teach old dogs, new tricks.


So, what is up today, with my coaching practice? Well, I have made a slight shift in my perception and self-talk.

I am a student of the career of Coaching. I’m in school. I’m training. I’m choosing to pursue this Today!

As part of my work, I’m offering opportunities to experience life altering coaching conversations to you. If interested, email me here.

As I grow, and continue my work, and choose to master this calling on my heart, I’ll see the results. Just like my clients will.

And I have a feeling, that even when I think that I’ve got things under control, and my career has finally matured, there will always be a little of that puppy left in it, and in me.

At least I hope so 🙂


Aaron Nichols

2 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. A- My first reaction to this blog- was you’re having baby envy!!!! But after reading twice- I just want you to know- (and you do already know this!) your business, your life and all things about it will never be 100% as you envision- it’s always a work in progress.
    As I read this blog- I just subsituted quilt shop in where you refer to coaching. When I started this business in 1984 I was asked about a Grand Opening- I declined until I have everyting exactly as I want it– I’ve still never had a Grand Opening. I am asked very often what is my success to staying in business for so long– If I knew I would write a book- sell it to others, and retire . Stay Strong!!! Love ya

  2. Nicely worded and great perspective, Aaron. It does take time…you keep pluggin away at your heart’s desires and one day – WHAM! – it’s gonna happen. Many will think it’s luck, many will think it’s coincidence, but no – it will be because you daily made the decision to stay on the coaching path. You can’t hang around successful coaches and not be successful, Aaron.

    And I agree with you, I hope there is always some puppy in me as well. Have a super, duper Day!

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