Transformers – More than Meets the Eye

Taking off our masks, and getting down to the real, sincere, loving, caring and understanding humans that we naturally are inside, electrifies me.

I saw it happen recently, between two people, who love each other, yet are at odds, frustrated, exasperated and fed up. Yet, in this special space of a real conversation, gifts were freely given through moments of love and acknowledgement, respect and validation.

Afterwards, I realized that this contrast from our ‘regular’ selves is one of my main motivations in life. Actually, the switch out of our normal mode of operation, and into another one of our personalities that rarely gets seen, is thrilling to me. This moment of letting down our guard, has intrigued me in everything I’ve ever done. 

In this case, it was a step toward healing and growth between two people. In other situations however, it has come at much different places, with much different motivations.

Namely this: When I was in the full swing of the hard-partying canoe trips, late night garage poker and deeply drunken campouts, I was always on the lookout for these moments of the switch.

I loved to see someone on their first ever ride down the river, transform from their everyday ‘regular’ personality into a loud and frolicking floating RumRunner like the rest of us canoe trip veteran heathens.

Same goes for showing a reluctant first-timer to the poker table. I loved seeing a rookie hit a full-boat of Aces over Kings and drag in a healthy pot of everybody’s chips, even without tons of experience.

And with the camping, well, let’s just say, that not everyone is born to love the outdoors. However, nothing excited me more than to introduce a newbie to the art-form and lifestyle of a weekend at the lake with Camp CarpCo. Seeing them transform from pressed-crisp city-dweller to dirty-footed lake-lover was the epitome of FUN.

So really, the transformations we’re talking about here, have always been a fantastic reward and motivator for me.

Why blog about this tonight then? Who Cares?

I do, and again, I write these to myself, as much as the readership here.

I need to remember what it is that has me striving ahead on this crazy career journey into the world of Coaching.

This week I’ve had some struggles. Nasty swampy yucky mind-mud that boiled up and caked the inside of my being. I’ve been questioning the effort and the pay-off for this stretching of myself that I’ve undertaken in the last couple years.

It certainly isn’t always fun or pretty or happy. This week has proved that.

Sure, the olden days seemed much easier to deal with, this week, in contrast to soberly attacking deep and profound issues, working toward monumental life-long decisions.

But, the sticky sloppy muddy valley path of the week’s mental turmoil has turned uphill. Climbing up and out, it’s getting greener. There are little flowers too. Watching this transformation unfold tonight, while two people stepped out of their rigid normal comfort zones, and into a space of loving understanding, support and healing, was a big shining signpost proving I’m still on the right path.

I love seeing people tap into their higher selves.

I love helping people tap into their higher selves.

No, this isn’t a metaphor for the old days either 🙂 Wasn’t into the drug thing 🙂

So, where are these opportunities at now? I know in my heart that they’re all around.

I just gotta get there myself. Into my higher awareness. Living my own brighter lighter operating mode more often, I’ll be able to invite others to this kinda party. It’s a different version, and a new kind of exhilarating.

So, simply noticing and identifying one of my core values, one of my driving forces, is powerful enough for me to record here and celebrate 🙂

When I know what my real reward, real payoff and real prize is, that makes me come alive, I can more easily choose my paths to get there.

Because I will keep stepping.

I will keep moving.

Forward is my motion, by choice.


Aaron Nichols

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