Do Touch that Dial!

Do you have pre-set radio stations in your car? I don’t.

I’m sure that I used to.

I remember waay back in High School, I had an assortment of Rock, Alternative Rock, and even Classic Rock buttons to choose from on the CD player in my truck.

And I think through my twenties I probably did too.

It may be that I’m older, it may be that through car troubles and pulling the battery cables often a couple years ago, I gave up on keeping certain stations programmed in. Heck, I have no idea if the clock is even right. I just don’t care!


I scan the stations. I don’t have favorites anymore. I sometimes listen to songs from my phone (Band of Heathens, Always, {Seeing them Sunday!! YAY!!!}), I like NPR and Christian Stations too. Overall, I have a wider variety of audio that I’m willing to hear as I drive the backroads between Ottawa and Princeton, Kay Ess with Roxy riding along.

So, on a drive to town this morning, I heard two stations in a row reveal the secrets of what it means to be a Real Man. I learned a LOT!

I thought it was quite odd that I heard one opinion, then flipped to another station and they happened to be covering the same issue. You can decide how they match up.

Station one was talking about troubles in family life. They were talking about problems with wives, and children too. They said that the role of the Real Man, was to be a leader in the household. Providing support, guidance and keeping the ship on course is what we’re called to do. ¬†They discussed hard issues concerning the attitudes and behaviors within the family. A challenge was issued to the listeners: Rise above, work through these things, and rely on higher powers, when the going gets tough.

Then I hit the arrow button, on the radio and heard this

Station two: If you want to prove you’re a real man, Be into Football, Beer and TV.¬†Period.

I switched the radio back.

Truth is, they both had a point. Both contain ideas that are part of our real lives. But when we fill our ears with information; either in a serious, or a fun, comical way, it can severely affect the way we think. And how we think, affects how we act. And so on…

I’m glad that I don’t have my radio stuck on any one station anymore. I like hearing all the opinions, so then I can decide for myself what feels best to me.

And someday, maybe I’ll get a chance to become a Real Man.


Aaron Nichols

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