Please don’t read this: You still like me!

We Build Own Prisons, then Complain We’re Not Free.


I’ve been here beating around the bush, trying to finagle the phrase to sound purty…
But… it’s best said just as blunt as this:

We Build Own Prisons, then Complain We’re Not Free.

Society has told us that a “Normal American Lifestyle” should look like X, Y & Z…
And We Believed Em.

“Society”… hmm… who would that be?? Oh, the companies who manufacture the products and services that we must buy in order to fit into the NAL?? Or would it be the media outlets who create the print, music and video programming and content that we fill our attention with, that are funded by advertisements paid for by the companies who manufacture the products and services that we must buy in order to fit into the NAL??

Pretty Much.

So, I am I saying that “Society” in this sense of the word is serving itself with the NAL? YUP.

Warning: You may want to quit here, while we’re all still friends!

We Build Own Prisons, then Complain We’re Not Free.

I hear it and see it all the time. People complaining about their circumstances, their jobs, their lack of money… These are the complaints that just come with “Life”, right?

We Decide to align ourselves with what “Society” says is right. It is Our Choice and Our Responsibility to accept whatever consequences, good or bad, come from that choice.

At age 18 most of us have tons of potential, energy, naivety and freedom… and then we do what “Society” says is smart.

So, on average, 10 years later, you see a lot of stressed out married couples in:

  • jobs they don’t love,
  • with school loan debt,
  • living in a nicer house than they can really afford,
  • stuffed with unnecessary plastic junk,
  • a couple car payments,
  • probably carrying some credit card debt
  • and hopefully a smiling laughing sweet little kiddo or two tooo 🙂
    • Who love their parents enough to want to grow up and be just like them.

Sound Normal?? Sound like what Society says is the NAL? It just: “Is what It Is”??



Here’s what “Society” doesn’t want you to know. Here’s why they are freaking shaking in their boots because this Economic Recession is showcasing some fundamental truths that have always existed, but were forgotten for years…

That 18 year old kid now could benefit from a few different goals to shoot for; and I don’t mind if “Society” doesn’t agree with them…

  • A Job – Just Over Broke – YOU were created for a single purpose here on earth. There are ways to find out your individual strengths, natural abilities and God-Given Calling. Ending up in just a “job” is a HUGE mistake. A Job is a terrible place to spend 8 hours of your day. A Job is something Everyone agrees Sucks. A Job is something you would only do because you have to.
    • Working in your Calling, Using your Passion, Serving others with Your Unique Abilities is a WONDERFUL alternative to a Job. That may happen 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week at a company that happens to need you and your specific Purpose. This may also happen many more hours per week. This may be an 168 hour a week LIfe’s Mission that includes your family time, friend time, money making and money spending time in an entrepreneurial adventure that you are the star of. There are people who live like that, and they don’t complain about going to work. They’re sinking their teeth into the vigor of life itself as a way of life, and truly *rich too! In the fullest sense of the word.
  •  School – is important, if it is helping you to learn more about your Calling or helping you find your Calling, but it is NEVER important enough to spend the next 15 years of your life paying for it. School can be paid for as you go. If not, there is another school, or another way to accomplish your goals. School in and of itself is no guarantee of anything. There are lot of materials available that cover this. It is worth it, to learn to work, and sacrifice and still get the education you need for your Calling. If the point of school is to get a better job. Quit. We already covered this: Jobs Suck.
  • Your House – is a Liability. Not an Asset. Watch this video. Robert Kiyosaki blew my mind with this one. It’s true. Even my completely paid-for house is not an asset. Keeping this in mind when choosing our home can make a HUGE difference to a young family; probably the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. And when they buy that too big, too expensive house, they’ll forfeit the chance to build real wealth by starting a business or buying an Income Producing opportunity, because the house eats up all the money coming in.
  •  Stuff – that we think we need to make us happy… hmmm…  some things add to our personal convenience, like a heater for the house, running water, food, electricity, but there is a line where I myself have crossed waaay over into having Stuff for Stuff’s sake. And the best irony comes, when we just know obtaining an item will make us happy, yet once obtained, we’re looking toward the next thing. Finding contentment Today, with exactly where we are, and exactly what we have; is the only way to ever get there; because right here, right now, is the only place we ever are… Truly.
  • Car Payments. Gross. Driving an object that’s constantly dropping in value, while you pay the bank extra money for the privilege: A double-whammy liability. Tons of great cars and trucks are out there at prices that don’t require a loan, if one learns to save. Then paying oneself into a car savings cookie jar, can upgrade to another one, in the time one would have used paying the bank anyway. Or, quit giving a crap what people think of what you drive, and be like me and poor ole Mr. Walton.
  • Credit Cards – Money you will promise to pay back in the future. The borrower is slave to the lender. Pay for things when you want to buy them, with Money, and be weird, and miss all the great rewards and bonuses and airline miles and other gold stars you get for being a slave, like me and like the poor, destitute, Mr. Ramsey.
  • Kidds – Here is one where “Society” is sooo right. Who doesn’t Loooove the little ones!! I think they are GREAT! and there is no catch to this one! And just because we’re all such fans of their cuteness and their great potential why don’t we do our best to show them ours, and that:
    • The most important thing you can ever do, is acknowledge and act on your inner desire for a relationship with God; with whom all things are possible.
    • Giving is a part of a Successful life.
    • You Deserve a Successful Life.
    • Your life becomes what you constantly think about.
    • Integrity is always the right answer.
    • Failure is a Great teacher if you Persist.
    • Sacrifice can bring you anything you want.
    • Self Discipline makes you stronger than getting your way.
    • Normal Sucks.
    • And you will have to learn this all on your own, in your own way…

So back to my earlier point, and back to this sentence, I’ve been afraid to write out loud…

We Build Own Prisons, then Complain We’re Not Free.

I’ve been there, and worked hard for and accumulated all the things that Society said were important to my Normal American Life, (sans wedding and kids – I had other influences, teaching about those things)… And I found out that building all those prison bars of debt and stuff did nothing but confine my life and my options and possibilities. It sure didn’t make me happy, cause I went out searching for more of that too…

This moment tonight, of complete debt-freedom, new understanding, radical life and spirit altering turbulence has only led me to one thing:

Get Happy. Right Now. It’s the only place we ever are…

In Debt, or Out, it really doesn’t matter either… Cause luckily we don’t know all the answers and we get to keep searching for them, whether we’re behind bars or out of jail and free. I can tell ya, there’s a whole other world out there, I’m loving exploring it!

And also if you’re 18 and reading this… Avoid Normal; It just takes years of hard work to get into it, then years of hard work to get back out… Skip it. Get Weird. Stay Weird. Listen Only to Your Heart, it knows the Way…

AND in the immortal words of Mr. Kid Rock

“Money and Success ~ I don’t complain about the stress ~ I wanted this and now it’s here ~ so.. I… don’t… Bitch…”
(Roll On, from Rock’n Roll Jesus – 2007 )


Aaron Nichols

6 thoughts on “Please don’t read this: You still like me!

  1. i hear about you quite a bit and now that i have read your blog for myself, i am truly impressed : ) thank you, u have helped my family in ways you can not even imagine.

    • Kaitlyn!! I am so excited to have you here with us! I have heard lots of good things about you as well. It seems that you’ve created quite a wonderful impact on our mutual friend Rob! Stay with us please?? I would love to hear from you now and again. Take Care Girl!

  2. Amen my brother. You need to speak on this a million times, cause for it to ‘take’ with anyone…they gotta hear it a hundred times, a hundred different ways. Culture is so hard to fight in your minds. We’re so programmed to accept the ‘norm.’ Speak it. Preach it. Shout it!

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