Reading is like Cheating… At Life!

Happy Thursday and I hope your day is going GREAT!!

Question: Do you Read? If so, what kind of books or magazines do you read? If not, why not? I could post some statistics here on the percentage of Americans reading today and all that jazz, but mostly I care about the population that is reading this blog.
I know the reasons why I don’t read often enough: not prioritizing it high enough, not sticking with a book all the way through or basically doing other things with my time… BUT, I have, in the last several years found that the things that made the biggest impact in my daily life are the great books I have read, and certainly not any TV program or movie I’ve watched.

Motivational speaker and humorist Charles “Tremendous” Jones has a famous quote that goes like this:

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and books you read.”

There are so many great resources out there for people wanting to know more about any topic in life. Being able to sit down and ingest pages of information that took someone else years of research, study and hard-knocks to figure out, is almost like cheating! Why would we think that figuring out every aspect of our journey on our own is the best way?

I am as independent and adventurous as anybody, but still love to have my mind blown by ideas expressed by experts in their own fields. Recently it has been Seth Godin’s words about entrepreneurship and how to market in today’s world. Everyone knows that Dave Ramsey’s book completely changed my life two years ago. Also about one year ago, I read Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus… Seriously, life-altering words on a page! What a fantastic gift we can give to ourselves is knowledge that someone else has gained over years of hard work and trial and error.

I am publicly making my own goals known. I want to read 1 non-fiction book per month. I have fallen behind in the last couple months for sure, but for Christmas I’m giving myself a gift of time and focus on finishing 12 books for 2011… I currently have bought titles in the realm of small business, marketing, human relations, motivation & success in general.

What genres are you interested in or already reading? I would love to hear feedback and suggestions on your favorite books!

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”  – Harry S. Truman


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One thought on “Reading is like Cheating… At Life!

  1. Aaron, this really spoke to me. I've been trying to read all I can lately however it is hard sometimes because "I don't have the time" but yet I have time to watch TV for a few hours a night. I am learning that I have to make it a priority for me, but when I do it is well worth the effort.

    Keep us posted on any good reads you have!

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