A kick in the bee you tee tee

So we’re a nation of consumers, so what. We are excited and committed consumers aren’t we? We share with each other our stories and recommendations of things we want, and the best ways to acquire them. We neeeeed things and food and entertainment in a constantly streaming fashion, do we not?

I at least can see my own silly addictions to the internet, to tasty fried food snacks and new gear, or shoes or jackets or electronics too. I love all that ‘stuff.’

But somehow that stuff doesn’t always love me. Nope, I am up too late once again, watching silly YouTube vids, just putting off, for another few minutes, this weekly tangle of text that I write here for me, and for you.

Silly isn’t it. The Creations, are so much more daunting of a task, than the Consumptions… Actually taking a blank canvas and filling it with letters by making this post, is much harder to do, than to take a blank block of time and fill it by passively watching videos.

By nature I prefer the pressure of procrastination. I like the squeezed down clamp of an impending deadline to motive me. I don’t however usually pre-create that intensity, so that I feel polished and disciplined in my work ethic.

I wonder what lessons I am experiencing about my own inclinations of consuming vs. creating. As I create, I am emboldened and my self esteem goes up. As I consume, taking in, and gorging my selfish appetites, I feel weaker and more spent. A let-down occurs, after getting that thing or that bite of candy, and I am instantly hungry for the next.

I write to myself. I send messages that I need to see on-screen and hear with my own ears. The chances I take to produce something, to construct and to expend my energy, in creative service is inherently good. I can feel it at the core.

The times I indulge and kick-back, sinking deep into my own desires just aren’t adding up to true happiness.

It’s a simple premise tonight, and one that I may tell myself over and over and over again. The ignition, the action, the expense of oneself, results in satisfaction, far beyond any pampering or spoiling or entertaining, seems to.

A little note to myself designed to motivate my tomorrows and the tomorrows after those too 🙂


Aaron Nichols

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