My big belly and my dinky head

How soon does your gut tell you the truth?? When does it let you forget the truth? The stomach-brain is something I have heard of before, probably blogged about before, but really have no education on. I was thinking about my stomach-brain yesterday morning.

That ‘thinking’ is done with my head, my skull-brain, I guess. I was working with a professional serviceman, he was there to help us. Actually he was late, compared to the time we were told he would arrive, to help us. As the problem was being diagnosed (at our restaurant) and technically dissected, I got messages from my stomach brain.

I knew a couple thingsĀ about the situation: Overall, everything would be fine. In the long run, we would be back to good working order, and even better than before, eventually. I knew we would have a hassle and extra effort for the next few days working without our main big walk-in refrigerator.

We had already cleared our inventory and found other less-convenient places to put the produce and dairy and meat, but it was not easy to find the pieces in our new tightly packed puzzle. Yet, I was not knocking my knees together, wondering how we could operate for a couple short days.

The next thing I knew was that our technician and the company we were dealing with wasn’t a great fit for my personality. Throughout the day this became more evident as the expected phone call and bid, never arrived. I still have yet to hear any real numbers as of this morning. We were told that the fix could possibly be underway quickly, even Today, possibly. Yeah, that ain’t happenin’.

So what, big deal, crap happens. This I get. I am not upset or derailed or angry over it. I do want to acknowledge the wisdom of my gut however. When a professional suggests a time, or an action that will take place, their stock drops quickly, for every minute they are late, or that phone doesn’t ring.

In our business, at The Iron, we don’t guarantee times of delivery on our menus or for the drinks and especially the food. We would be in hot water, when things get backed up and the food takes a long time. Either way, people have a reasonable expectation and need to be talked to and communicated with, about their orders. I try to do a good job of that.

My stomach-brain is so much more steady and relaxed than my flickering-twittering-strobe-flashing-hamster-wheel in my head. It is a deeper and more understanding place to operate from. I got that funny unsettled feeling in my gut yesterday, about the way this repair job will play out. Again, in the big picture, it will all be fine. Life goes on. We may pay more than we like, it may not happen as quickly as we’d like. I do trust that things will be installed correctly. I will update you, if my gut has mislead me on these truths.

Today, I only want to take the time and energy to write out the concept of noticing the wisdom of my gut. I do want to shed the physical jiggling mass of the belly around it. But I don’t want to disregard the power and depth of it’s intelligence and concrete discernment.

For the last several months all the energy went through my head, I thank God, that somehow the flow is shifting ever again, and my gut is doing some clear-headed talking.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Wish me luck, as we move forward, always with a challenge, but always able to rise up with the demands of it. Some how some way, by God’s almighty Will.


Aaron Nichols

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