The Golden Key, if I choose to use it…

Off with their heads! Or at least off with mine anyway.

It is the head that is the source of so many troubles. Can I really see that, right now, in this very moment?

The thing is too powerful, it’s dangerous even. It can shape our lives apart from the possibilities inherent in the creation around us. Do you ever ‘think’ about your thoughts?

I do. Too often. This morning, my thoughts have consumed precious moments that could have been restorative sleep. Thoughts blowing through garbage disposal of my mind have clogged up and stopped progress too.

My mind is so powerful, that things I repeatedly think, become real. True for you too?

How about thoughts like:

  • I am really ticked-off right now! (the ticked-off-ness builds)
  • This situation is hopeless! (the hope fades further away)
  • I am stuck and really freaking angry! (the possibility disappears and my blood boils)
  • I don’t know how I’m going to fix this or move on! (the ‘don’t know-ness’ increases)

Yeah, so when these things flood my brain, I’m challenged and stretched and it’s hard to see any light. It’s when I believe that these thoughts exist as truths, that I cement the failure in place, maybe forever.

I’ve chosen to believe thoughts. I’ve given them lots of power, and I have made big life changes based on such things.

This morning I grabbed a little pamphlet called the ‘The Golden Key’, by Emmet Fox. It’s a 6 (small) page reminder, that when we put our mind on thoughts of difficulty, the difficulty continues. His suggestion, as simple as it sounds, is to purposely, intentionally, switch our mental focus to thoughts of God.

Not like, “What would God do in this situation right now., ” Or “God would probably forgive me for killing this person I’m mad at right now!” or “God doesn’t have to deal with all this worldly crap, and he gets heaven all the time, why can’t I!!”

No, not like that.

The suggestion is to just think about the things you know about God. Anything and everything about the nature of God. Just to think those thoughts, replacing the focus on the trouble with a focus on the divine. Thinking God is wisdom, truth, the creator, infinitly powerful and present, are thoughts that open the mind. This actually feels free-er and relaxing and unclogs the ‘stopped-up-ness’ of a frustrated brain.

I’m using this technique right now. It’s slightly helping. I will take any slight improvement I can get. 🙂 Thinking of God, as a little exercise this morning is much better than the alternative. My thoughts are really extra powerful today, they could cause big changes, they have before. Sometimes it’s good, but thoughts of God, would have to be better than these.

I know that thoughts can ignite new life, spark adventure and inventions. They can become beautiful gardens ripe with fruit. But not all of them. Many are the opposite. They bring darkness and fear. They are wrapped tight in barbed-wire of anxiety and pain. They can show me all the things wrong in my world and slice apart my will to succeed… if I let them.

Golden Key today for me please. I must use this opportunity, or it may take me down. I am in charge here, not these thoughts. Actually God is in charge, and my misunderstanding, that it’s all up to me, may be my most fatal thought of all.

Giving it up to God. Giving over the reins of control to the almighty, and releasing my own grip on the outcome, the work, the struggle of untying a knotted ball of worries, is the lesson God is showing me this moment.

I have a quote framed on my desk, “It’s okay to really enjoy life, right now, under these exact circumstances.”  I need these words today. Apparently, at one point in the last couple weeks, Lindsay did too. She texted me this quote, after seeing it on my desk.

Funny thing is, those words, I wrote. Here on the blog many months ago. This stuff doesn’t come from me, it comes through me. I am only the means, the motor, that pushes these keys. That message, was from a higher consciousness than my own. It didn’t come from my angry little pea brain.

When I put my mind on the nature of God, the channels are open wider, truth can flow. Possibility abounds. It is okay to really enjoy life, right now, under these exact circumstances, as hard as my mind may want to fight that idea, it is true.

When I think of the expansive ocean of God’s love, it feels more and more real. Drop me in the middle of that ocean today, My Lord. I want to be drenched and immersed and bouyant in the very calmness of mercy and grace and power… I am just a broken man, that wants to be held like a baby.


Aaron Nichols

One thought on “The Golden Key, if I choose to use it…

  1. I feel compelled to comment on this Aaron. This particular blog could not have come at a better time for me. For the past few months I have been fading from what I know is right and surrounding myself with negative energy creating demons inside giving them more power than I ever dreamed. For me my doubt, jealousy, and anger has snow balled what used to be simple meaningless non controlling thoughts. I have given them life recently and they have become extremely controlling and thus turning me into the very monster I hate seeing others act like. This hit very hard at home for me. I realize some times I’m not alone when I see someone put into words the way I feel. I stopped living my life for him the moment I gave energy to negativity. Then selfishness took over. I started building my own heaven on earth rather than where it exists already. It’s no wonder the opportunities that have been offered to me in 2013 so far I have failed at. I could never have seized them because I never truly saw them for what they were really worth. I was blind. Satan is still around because he succeeds. If we all could live our life for God we would already be angels. Our will is what keeps us grounded and for that Satan will always be there to fuel negativity. Thank you for this post. It has already felt like a burden has been lifted. Now it’s time to hold on to this and get back on track!

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