Oceans and Rivers of Light Everywhere, Show Black Tragedy, Rocks, Obstacles, Busy-ness

Clear Space. Like the opening, the blankness, the gap, in between these words. It’s key.

I have noticed that this life-shift of mine, that has occurred over the last few years, has opened up new and fresh clear still pools of consciousness to dip into, that didn’t seem to be there before.

We’ve talked about the BS of Busy-ness, and how it’s the popular culture’s excuse for everything. We encourage busy-ness and we admire busy-ness and we even feel bad for some idiotic reason, if we can’t tell another person how extremely busy we are, and how life just so packed with whatever this imaginary thing called ‘busy-ness’ is…

So anyway. Visually look at the paragraph above, or at this whole page. Not as words, but as a graphic image. Squint your eyes and see the groups of letters. See the ‘rivers’ of white that flow up and down, connecting spaces in-between words. Also notice that the ‘black’ color is what actually creates the letters, the words. The white is the background, right? Well, some letters need a ‘hole’ of white to be recognizable. Like the ‘a’, the ‘e’ the ‘o’, even ‘b’, ‘d’ capital ‘R’ and both ‘P’s’. Actually all letters utilize both the white and the black, the yin and the yang.

The white space, the in-between space is JUST as important as the ‘black’ image of the word itself. If you look at these chunks of ideas, the paragraphs, or ‘pair-a-giraffes’ as my high school biology teacher would say, you could notice that from afar, they resemble a ‘busy’ bunch of lines and dots and curves. Right?

Now, I want you to take a second, and re-look at the -paragraph above. Look for the white. Only notice the white. Let the spaces and the ‘leading’, the horizontal white blocks stand out. Use your focus, to see the ‘in-between’… Wow, there’s tons of it. In fact, most of this whole page is white. It’s everywhere. It’s the thing that organizes, and shows the breaks between words. The white is the canvas with which I stamp into, my ideas each week. The white, creates a cadence between words, your mind finds music, in the ways and whys of the spacing of these sentences.


That looks busy. What you see above is possibly how you feel day to day. Do we really all jump instantly from one activity, one task or idea, instantly, with no break whatsoever, into the next, without so much as a breath at all? I doubt it. But our speed, our focus, and some energy of urgency, may have us living a half-tick too fast, to notice the space we do really have at our fingertips.

The message today is Slow Down. And I’m not talking about the speed of my day, I’m talking about the speed of my ‘reading’ of the day. There is space available everywhere if I choose to see it. I have plenty of activities in my week. Like words, I could tell you all the ‘things’ that I ‘did’ this week, and it was another full week. BUT, there were TONS of little spaces in between. Tons of moments for my mind to wander into good, or not-so-good places. The in-betweens are where lots of my life is lived, if I choose to notice it.

I ran across some information about the ‘Gut Brain’ a month or so ago. Fascinating stuff. I’m no authority on the subject, but I have used a simple technique over and over lately, in the ‘spaces’ in between activities, or even right in the midst of a moment, to check in with my ‘Gut Brain’, and physically feel a reset in my mood, or energy or even anxiety. The ancient Egyptians used to pull out the grey matter of a mummy, through the nose and toss it away. They kept the heart, and the guts too. They were on to something. We do too much ‘head thinking’ and not enough ‘gut thinking.’ When my mind is spinning out of control, my thoughts stuck on negativity or fear or judgment, I can simply move my conciousness down my body and ‘feel’ what my gut ‘thinks’ in that moment. Usually it’s a much calmer, deeper, more open and peaceful place, that resides right inside ourselves.

Try it now. Just consciously make a shift, feel your way down to deep within your gut, below and behind your belly-button, you’ll find a well of calm, that is available right now.

It’s an important space to know about, as I have come to enjoy. There are lots of moments where we benefit from the awareness of the true wealth of space in our lives. I have carved out and created this blog-space here, where I go each week, and pour something out onto this work-table. It is a crucial space in my world, and yet many times, I wonder why I spend the the time or energy to do it. Most people, would say they’re too busy. OR, think I ‘should’ be busier, and not ‘have time’ for this. Ha!

Another key ‘space’ is the openess and safety of the space between client and coach. Just yesterday, in a session, I noticed that the space created between a client and I, was so ripe and rich, that things were wanting to come up, and enter our work, that the client wasn’t ready to let out. That’s okay. I understood about that struggle. But it was really awesome to see the power and magnetic force of an open trusting space between two people. Our subconscious wants to use that space to let go of our junk, to release.

Physicists have been searching for decades for proof of ‘dark matter’. It’s the ‘stuff’ between the ‘stuff’ that makes up our universe. They even recently are claiming they’ve found ‘dark matter’ particles. I think they’ve got the name wrong. It’s easy to see that it’s not dark matter, but light matter, even white matter. It’s the force of God. It’s the everything glue that not only keeps us together, but moves us forward, ever onward. It makes grass grow, it’s the tiny dot that started as you and as me, it can’t be contained and yet nothing does not contain it.

This week, in our local area, there has been dark and sad and terrible news of real deaths of real people. 4 human beings, have been murdered. One of them used to be my neighbor. A man, a father, that I talked to, and listened about his life, and who borrowed my mower too. That was a couple years ago, I don’t know what brought him from then, to this early, violent, point of death. It has been tragic to hear of an innocent baby, caught up in this mess too. Killed, like the other three. All were innocent babies at one point. Just like you and just like me.

Our busy-ness, the tragedies, the news; can bring us to our knees. Lifecanallofasuddengetreallytoughtoseeclearlywecanforgetaboutthespacethebreathsbetweenthegoodandthe G O D thatisalwaysintertwinedamongtheeverythingelse

There is plenty of dark matter. Plenty of evil and plenty of stress too. That is what busy-ness is… I encourage you this week, to pause, even for tiny split seconds at a time. The time it takes to skip over the spaces between these words, and feel down into the peace within you. Breathe deeply from that place, squint your eyes at the world, at the junk, the news and the stuff, it will fade. Notice that among it all, God Abides. God’s the background, the space, the context that creates everything. Among it all, we can always, always, always, find peace, hope and possibility if we look for God.

Rest in peace Steven White, and Lana, Kaylie and Andrew too. There is nowhere that God is not. May we notice the abundance of peace and light and love, adjacent among and around this darkness.


Aaron Nichols






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