The Final Countdown!!!

I’ll drive the Rocky Mountains today. Tomorrow, fulfill a dream, meet a Hero of Mine. Today laugh with an old friend and his new kids in new ways. Yesterday I shared a life changer with my lovely life partner. Early next week, I’ll make a huge financial commitment. Today, engage with another soul who’s struggled and overcome, then shared the story. The weekend’s work? Enlightenment, possibility and a real true challenge. Another adventure, another unbelievable moment, maybe a treasure map too…

This week’s Pandora Station (If I customized my life, like I do my music) would be called Epic Life Mix, and it would deliver. The tectonic plates all moved at once. The earth rumbles and quakes and yet, the vibration is more divine than destructive. It’s a good Epic.

My friend, Melissa Ford, on one of our recent hangouts, blew my mind. She spoke clearly, concisely; Our Lives Are Not Infinite. Wow. Really? Are you sure?

The experience of my own ‘life’, my awareness, my visceral mental and physical connection to this world around me, does have an infinite-ness about it. I can’t remember before this life. It’s hard to really ‘get life’ without me in it (My ego says). I’ve seen others perish, and be instantly whisked away, to a mysterious beyond. Plenty of them. Important people to me. That I knew and loved so deeply. They’re now gone. Not here forever… Yet, I haven’t personally experienced this shift. From Life to Not Life. Or from Earth to Heaven. Or from Now Here to Nowhere…

How to function and mechanically move this thing called my life? Does believing in a false infinte-ness, keep me calm and clear and not scared of dying? So then I can operate properly and not just sit in a dark corner crying because of the inevitable end; death? I don’t think it works that way. Actually the opposite seems true, when I notice what really occurs. Melissa’s point about an ever approaching termination to our mission here, is actually quite healthy and motivating, even a release.

I’m just now beginning to look at that. Thanks Melissa.

I was in a small room, over a year ago, while author Will Keiper, told us the story of writing his book, Life Expectancy. It is the truth of our count-downable-days. The message that each sunrise, leaves us with one less in the bank. We’re eating into the diminishing smallness of our future, every minute. What are we going to do, with these fleeting remaining moments? Well, for me, since he spoke the story of how his book was written, in person,  I figured I would get around to reading it ‘someday’. So I passed it off, hoping it could help someone else…

That’s the problem with the infinite life. There is always a tomorrow. There is always a someday. There is forever more time ahead of me, to accomplish the thing that pops into my mind right NOW. The delusion of infiniticy, is more destructive than maybe anything else that we experience. The enemy, the dark one, the liar, loves this idea, that we could believe our lives are infinite. When we daydream and joke to each other about, ‘When I win the Lottery,’ or ‘In my next life.’ and ‘Someday, I’ll really get around to doing what I’d love to do’… The joke’s on us.

Life isn’t infinite. Someday never comes. Tomorrow steps always a day away. Yesterday’s gone forever. These paralyzing words are false ideas, not things, they don’t exist. My now moment, the only thing I ‘have’ is such a small blip on the screen, I miss the potency of it’s power. This tiny Now moment is when all of life happens. It’s when all the dreams come true. It’s when all the sadness washes us down the drain. It’s everything we ever experience. It’s all here now, in this tiny minuscule ordinary unpolished regular ole everyday moment. But even the Nows are limited. Wow. How will I use them?

What a gift Melissa laid before us. She said it, she get’s it. If I get that this moment now, leaves me with less time to accomplish, or to share, or to give, or to love, than even when I started typing these words, I learn a big thing. I learn that I’d better be aware of these actions. I’d better enjoy blogging more, than another cuddle with my bride. I’d better give you good words to read, explosive ideas, an expansive experience to enhance your life. Or this was a waste of your precious moments too…

Don’t do that. Don’t believe the lie. Don’t get lulled into the disease of ‘Just another day’ or ‘Same ‘ol Same ‘ol.’ It’s a trap. It’s a joke. It’s a tragic epidemic. If you hear someone say these things, shake them, slap them, wake them up! Your Life’s Not Infinite! Don’t waste this little tiny everyday moment Right Now!

It has been a Monster of a week around our house. We’ve paddled into the tsunami, looking for the thrill of a big wave ride. Not every week is like this, Thank God. Experiencing the upheaval, erosion and replenishing monsoon of blessings can be exhilleratingly exhausting. But these moments were used wisely. They weren’t allowed to wash on down the stream to the ocean, lost forever. We scooped ’em up and drank deeply. I will continue today, as I lay eyes on The Rockies…

Yesterday I was in a seminar. They told a story about a well. An artesian well. The kind that you drill down, in the right place, and cool clean water bubbles up and out, overflowing always. The pressure, the force and physics of this life-giving source is amazing. In fact, you could almost say this water shows up through the well, but it came from an almost infinite and amazing supply of power and abundance… Yes, here it is… The source of our life is infinite. The source of our existence, that shows up through us, has no end. Maybe, because of this deeply understood connection to God. We believe that we too, are infinite.

Not so, and not helpful to us. It just doesn’t serve us to wait. It doesn’t encourage growth, to know there is always tomorrow. It isn’t healthy to think, someday, I’ll get it all right, I’ll fix it all, and straighten in out in the future. It will always be broken. It will always be imperfect. It is a fact, that ordinary moments that you’ve always experienced can become amazing things, but not perfect things. Miracles even, come with junk attached. There are leftovers and clean-up to do, when we feed five thousand from five loaves and two fish. It’s work and it’s grimy and it’s miraculous. Just like us. Just like our own real lives.

Our clocks are ticking down, moment by moment, leaving us less time, but no less energy or resources or initiative, in fact, maybe more. When we see, that we have a limited space and limited amounts, we make do. We find a way. When we have to, we get it done. Only then, do we quit waiting. Only then, do we say yes first, then ask how after. Only then, can we know, that the infinite and unbelievable power of God, wells up in us, always. We are limited, God is not.

Raise those sails. Call yourself to action. These winds will blow by you and be lost forever. If you don’t grab ahold and go for this ride, then when?… Do it at the only time there is… Now 🙂

With Love,


Aaron Nichols




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