Ignite the Flame, Kill the Croc, Use a Sharp, Keen, Precision Instrument, Instead of the Blunt, Heavy, Ineffective Mallet… Got it? Good.

That is the work this week that blew up my mind – It exploded ma’ brain – Into two pieces. Actually, both pieces already existed separately, but the truth of that was welded into place. At this point in the week, I’ve received 4 hours of world-class coaching. I’ve given to clients 2.5. I want to share with you some notes. And make an Invitation…

See, one of the things that I’ve been doing for the last 2.5 years is immersing myself in a Master’s Course. Tons of Classes and Teachings and Real Life Science Experiments on myself. I’ve been a Lab Rat at New World View University, and I’m a Work in Progress…

Well, that’s just my name for it… The ‘New’ is new to me. The ‘Views’ are ideas and concepts of individuals from around the world, and right here at home, that I want to learn from. That I am guided and prompted and yearning to learn from. Over the last couple years I have downloaded TONS of new thought.

BUT, one reason that I’ve had little success sharing this dynamic and revolutionary work, is that I’ve chosen to operate the mechanics of my life, with a certain ‘tool’. That tool is the IMSTOOPIDTOOL, or the IMWORTHLESSTOOL or the IMNOTENOUGHTOOL… Oops.

It’s a Crutch. It’s a way to Love myself. It’s a way to keep me out of the game, cause in the game, we could get hurt. But, if we want to Win, as I have come to learn… We have to be in the game. Actually, it’s what we’re here for, to play. Whether we win or lose, we do want to play. And play full out. When we’re on the sidelines, or in the bleachers, we do things like comment and complain about what the ‘players’ of the world are doing, how they do it. We have time for this, because we’re not playing ourselves…

This awareness is good news. A LOT of us operate using this tool, this crutch. The IMNOTENOUGHTOOL, it’s blunt and dull, we can choose another one, we can fix this. Knowing there is another tool is the key… And if we fall into old habits… So What!

TOOL. It is a razor sharp edge that can chop through life’s most difficult situations. But only if we show up holding it. We may have been guided as kids to pick the safe choice, to ‘Be Careful’ but that advice is crap, beyond childhood. Careful can’t cut. It can’t produce good work. We want to be Excellent and Effective and know our uniquely designed skills. With them, we can accomplish amazing things, for ourselves, for the human collective…

The two parts of our brain already are aware of all this. They are keenly aware. The IMSTOOPIDTOOL, that intends to protect us, is the weapon of choice of the crocodillian lizard portion of our brain. It is reactionary, built for survival, fight or flight. It is so dangerous, with it’s sharp teeth and armor plating. It seems too tough to beat sometimes. But watch cable TV, you’ll see the Gator Boyz. They know how to control it. They have the small consistently reproducible keys that beat the fear of the Croc. We can do that too.

Our Enlightened Mind, our Conscious Mind can win. When we feel that blunt force of the croc, we can notice and ignite the flame. The fire and electricity of our expansive conscious mind can wield the IMEXCELLENTTOOL with dexterity and patience. It calms us instantly, we can discern easily, time opens up and space shows us tons of possibilities instead of the tunnel vision of one. The beautiful thing is that, we only need to be aware of this, for it to start working…

We could even play this scenario out in real life, in our bodies. We could get together and put a ready-to-split log on the chopping block right in front of you. I could hand you a sledgehammer, the IMNOTENOUGHTOOL, and see how well it works on your problem. Then we could switch to a tool suited for the job. A keen edge on a purpose-built axe. With the IMEXCELLENT tool, YOU could make one swing and split that sucker clean… Then we would integrate this concept into your mind, body and maybe even soul, with lots of practice. God’s given us all the choice, both tools, for use as needed. Sometimes the Croc needs to keep us alive. This day in age though, we rarely face near death. Too often we let the Croc rule our day, when the Flame, our Light, our Inner Fire, is what will take us to a new future for ourselves and the world.

Here is the invitation. This coming Tuesday Night, the 29th at 5:30 CST, I am hosting a virtual workshop, a hangout, an online chance to discuss this stuff together. Only those that ‘get this’ will want to be a part of it. It begins a series, and possibly a new weekly event, that brings people together in discussion of Truths. I am a Coach. I will Lead this class. I will give us a starting point and a context, a space to play and I’ll hold it firm. This eddy and calm in the rushing river of our week, will be a chance for the flame to be fanned. I am going to openly invite my blog readers first. YOU are the ones I have in mind, to join me for 30 minutes of play. The structure will be divided among time to bring forth this week’s blog idea. Then I’ll present more detail and flesh out where the teachings came from. Then we’ll open up the chopping block, to your problems, to your needs, and we’ll watch together as your power splits it in half.

You can email me, with nothing more than your email address, to get the personal invitation. You will need a free Google account. The workshop is starting out as a free session to learn and to be coached. As we progress, we’ll want everyone involved to have invested something, to prove to themselves that they want progress and shifts in their life. Test me on this one: When I pay, I’m ready to play. When it’s free, I don’t even bring me…

So, Croc’s be warned. You’re about to be hauled off to the gator farm where you can be kept away from our true desires, things we want to accomplish. We are all a Work in Progess, (Especially Me!) let’s embrace our Excellence as the useful tool for that Work.

To the very few of you, who will embrace this offer, I’ll see you online, Tuesday at 5:30!


Aaron Nichols





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