Dream Weaver

There are no problems, no complaints.

There are results of commitments.

Some look good, some feel good, some don’t.

How we’re committed and what we’re committed to; creates.

As Steve Chandler says, “Every system is perfect for the results it produces.”

We are all Create-ive.

I had my world rocked tonight, (again) by a world-class coach. My mind, my world, and soon my outcomes will be different than ever before.

Dusan showed me distinctions, I was open to hearing them. And God handled timing.

Dreams are things we are willing to take action on. They show up because we’ve completed the necessary steps. In fact, Dreams really arrive. They are here Now.

Daydreams however, are ideas out in the ether. They involve actions and steps that we aren’t taking. They are life-sucking.

Spending energy talking about things we’ll never do, is a waste.

To help me with this concept, my homework: Identify your dreams vs. daydreams…

Here below, is the rushing madd writing result of that work.

There are NO Daydreams on this paper. They seemed unimportant once I began.

And I already have these Dreams Now. And now that I know them, I can play with them.

A true mind-shift. Thanks Dusan.


Aaron Nichols


2 thoughts on “Dream Weaver

    • Teri – as I click and clack on this computer every week, my Wall of Perspective is plastered above me – Being posted up there for the last 7 months or so, has been helpful for sure 🙂

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