What’s Up Rox??


Whine, Whine, Whine WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE, Whine, Whine… and more Whining, and more!!

Guess who; on our recent roadtrip, did TONS! of Whining!?!?!

Okay, not just me, but Yes, Roxy the Black Dogg!!

Dang Girl just wouldn’t Shut Up!!!

This constant noise pollution coming from the back of the car really annoyed me last weekend! With my lovely finance Lindsay to talk to, I just didn’t enjoy Roxy’s two-cents as much as I had in my previous times in the car with the dog.

We’d been on the road for three days, I’d tried everything to get Rox to calm down. I had stopped to let her pee. I had tossed her some snacks. We made sure she had fresh water and any other thing we could think of. She had everything she needed. She wasn’t hungry, or upset. In fact, there was nothing else I could do.

She just kept on Whining!

Finally, It occured to me, that if she was lacking nothing, maybe she was just Happy! Maybe, she was just Excited! Maybe, we could tell she was content because of this incessant high-pitched doggie-whine vocalizing.

Her Whining meant she was Happy!


Do you know any people like that?

Anyway, after we discovered this perspective, it was much easier to deal with her noises. Instead of being frustrated and annoyed, Lindsay and I made it into a game. We’d talk to her in the back, praising her for her happiness when she was extra loud. We’d act concerned and worried when she’d quiet down.

Overall, once we shifted our interpretation of her ‘complaints’ they just didn’t impact us the way they did before. I don’t know if she quit, or I eventually blocked them out, or that she just slept the whole way home, but it was a more peaceful ride.

Does that help you in any way??


Aaron Nichols

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