The last page, the final scene, and the 2 minute warning. Why in the world do we spend our valuable time reading or watching anything but the end result?

Wouldn’t it be MUCH more efficient and easier on our tender nerves to just skip to the last page of the book? To fast forward to the end of the movie? Or to do productive things for 2 hours and 58 minutes, instead of watching the Big Game for 3 whole hours, when only the last couple minutes can give us the answer to the question of “Who’s Gonna Win”?

Am I being silly here?? Really, No I’m not.

Okay, then WHY, would anyone want to win the Lottery? That’s like a shortcut to the end, without any of the effort; We want it, and we want it Now!

It’s a sad truth that we get confused on this issue in many important things in our lives, yet it is perfectly understandable for watching a football game.

The journey, is really what we humans are meant to experience, and the three act play is still a universally gripping and natural feeling format we all love.

We want a starting point, we want a challenge ahead of us, we love to imagine how things will play out.

Then we want the conflict, the meat of the storyline, we love seeing obstacles rise up and our heroines knocking them down. We want to see how far away the storybook ending looks, just to ride along with the characters unbelievably back from the razor’s edge.

And for the final scene, the climax, the biggest most daring feats are saved and relished. When the buzzer sounds, or the dragon’s slain, or the bride-to-be is swept away by the childhood best friend, we love living the drama right along with the characters, after all, we’ve been invested with them from the beginning 🙂

And herein lies another big stinky fat mistake that I’ve made. It’s delayed the progress and possibly life-changing transformations, that I could have been helping people with, for the last couple years, through True North FFC.

Oh no! Not another Aaron mistake story!! Yes, of course.

I tell you mine, that you may learn and be entertained and guffaw and enjoy my stupidity 🙂 you’re welcome 🙂

Truly, my mistake in discussing financial coaching, and most all of my discussions about dear ole Dave Ramsey, were fiery, passionate and descriptive: Final Pages of the Story.

“Being Debt-Free is AWESOME!

Everyone Can Do It!

Including You!

Want to Learn How?”

then The End.

is where those conversations went.

So how about a new approach? A slower, a gentler, a more interesting and useful-to-real-people approach, could look like the 3 Act play. In order to help people, in order to spend my time working with people to facilitate dramatic improvements in their lives, hearing the Whole Story is key, not just the final page.

As I continue crafting my yet-to-be-released workshop/seminar/fun-interesting-and super-industrial-strength-sawzall style toolkit designed Serve and Inspire, I’m learning from my own mistakes.

It will start off with colorful, fun and descriptive Introduction. Once we’ve identified the characters and forces and opponents, then we’ll move on to the Conflict; the meat of the story. Then watching battle after battle unfold, we’ll together uncover and experience the keys and actions that overcome. Finally, after a long adventurous journey, we can feel connected to the characters, and believe it for ourselves.

We then care alot more about hearing how the story ends up, and if there is anything valuable to our own lives, that we can take away and use.

I share here on weirdforgood, so that You can follow along and opine at will. What do you think of the 3-Act idea?

Dynamic Life Transformations are on the horizon. Now that I’ve taken the step to hire my own coach, things are really starting to shift. I sat this morning with a coaching client, and we had on the table in front of us, real proof that ideas and considerate conversation, can lead to actual results, sometimes scary-good results. And the Sparks Were Flying.

I’m thinking these Sparks could ignite a B-L-A-Z-E.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, and thanks again for being here at weirdforgood.com


Aaron Nichols

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