Chump Change

It’s Me!! That’s the answer!

Wow, what a crack up!!

The epiphanies that pop, sizzle, crackle and spark when on the phone with a great coach are just magically freakin’ common sensical!

At least tonight they were 🙂

I’ve been blogging lately about this step I’ve taken to hire ma’self a gosh-darn world-class coach, and I want to tell you all exactly what I’m getting out of the experience.

Hey you’ve stayed on this roller-coaster this long; I plan on there being a little fun along with the terrification!

Tonight was my second call with Steve Chandler, and we had time to really dig into the format and structure of the services I plan to offer in my new and improved practice.

You want to know the inside track on what I’ve been missing for the last year and half??

  • Make it easy!
  • Make it fun!
  • Make it cheap to try out and get a feel for.
  • Give lots of value and really helpful tools on the very first meeting.
  • Be myself, AND (and this is the big one!) Focus on all my mistakes!!


That’s the part of this scenario that I’ve been really and truly depressingly hung up on.

Instead of hiding my mistakes, trying to paint a perfect picture for people, I now have permission to spread the Newsflash!!! that I’ve screwed up A LOT!!!


Here’s the deal folks. I’m now hard at work, putting together an EFFECTIVE and EASY program that can POWERFULLY transform lives, with little small changes…

Small Change after Small Change, like ya’ know, 5 cents at a time, like Nichols…


okay, sorry, that was a little overboardo!

This post is not meant to be a commercial for Steve Chandler, or a teaser just to get you to buy into my new and upcoming Coaching programs.

In fact, neither one of these things needs commercials. Steve has plenty of business, and my new program will too… because they work, because they’re effective and they radically can alter your inner stance from a place of fear and worry, to love and optimism!

The giddy proof is in my vocabularitous pudding tonight!

As you’ll see soon, the key ingredient that Steve has helped me embrace is that ALL my many years of financial and personal mistakes, my tragic levels of stupidity and misguided, folly-full, just-plain-dumb-ass decisions are my best tools to communicate to people, that I’ve been there, and done that, when it comes to financial mistakes.

And I’m here to express tonight, that by my open admissions, I invite discussion and relationships and real progress to occur, with other folks out there, who (oops) didn’t always make perfect decisions either!

No judgement from me, no stories or numbers or stacks of bills can scare me. I’ve already seen all that, in my own home, even recently! I’m in no way a perfect specimen of financial health, I’m not a millionaire, I am someone who used to be a lot worse off, and made some Small Changes, and over time, improved my situation.

I know there are people out there who have real issues going on; I have a sincerely compassionate and loving heart for them. And so…

I’m declaring my commitment to making powerful transformation easy & attainable.

And I hope my weirdforgood family will continue this ride, it’s about to get real real fun!


Aaron Nichols
Find. Focus. Create.
Choose Your True North

4 thoughts on “Chump Change

  1. That is so true! People listen a little better when they know you aren’t perfect and you get them! Empathy and caring!

  2. Wise Words Nancy!! I so appreciate you being here and chiming in. Will you be an editor for my new Transformation System, when I get it closer to being ready to publish??

  3. Aaron – great post. A lot of good, high energy and optimism here as well as some very, interesting words! LOL. It’s the old KISS principle at work. I can’t wait to see your program rolling out to the tune of helping countless people transform their life.

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