Lisa’s story ain’t no commercial!!

Applause all around!!! The officially highest read post on now belongs to the incredible Ms. Lisa and her brutally honest and triumphantly inspiring story about “the Turn” she committed to, in order to save the unity of her young family.
In case you weren’t part of the over 100 people who read it; here is the link!

So my blog post tonight not only will bring attention to the success of her post, but I would really like to make a clarification as well.

After reading her story and the dramatic outcome of her efforts, you may be inclined to want to find out more about the Love and Logic Parenting Techniques. Lisa used the L&L system to finally find sanity in the world of single-mom child-rearing… However, if all you get from her story is that we sorta’ kinda’ created a Love and Logic in-depth commercial, you would be very seriously Wrong!

The only in-depth commercial that I’m interested in promoting is Lisa’s moment of faith, her step into the unknown and her strong commitment to sticking with it. I guess that is what we’re all really trying to purchase when we go ahead and order the Love and Logic material,  Dave Ramsey kits,  Nordic Track, Thighmaster or whatever exercise junk they’re out there selling these days.

My point is that we love to buy the Tool.

Love and Logic is most certainly a wonderful Tool. Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps program is a fantastic Tool. All the dusty treadmills and bowflex machines in people’s basements and garages are excellent Tools to get you into shape.

And NONE of them Work!

On their own.

A tool sitting in the corner of the shed, does nothing without our hands to apply it.

So BRAVO Lisa!! You told us a story that we all love to hear. We neeeeed to know that it is possible to turn our lives around, in whatever area we wish to improve. We neeeeeed your experience to show us the way. We neeeeeed some of what you’ve got, that enabled you to “fight” for your family, just at the moment that “flight” seemed most logical. And if you could package and sell THAT, my friend, your millions would be flowing in…

IRONY embodied. The thing that actually does the work in our lives is not a product for sale. We can’t buy it, we can’t own it, it’s as intangible as it is powerful. We love to be consumers here in the good Ole U.S.of A., but something tells me, it wasn’t the latest or greatest toools that built this land we love. It was a whole lotta faith, sweat and determination, just like we saw in Lisa’s Story…

I find myself desperate at times for that level of drive and commitment.  I have a knowing at times that I’m falling short of my own possibilities. Maybe that’s one reason for this whole website, to create a place to dream, converse and learn about these magical forces we all want to experience for ourselves.

I have no illusions that we’ll be able to bottle, package or sell the stuff that “Turns” lives around… but I damned sure hope we shed some light on the everyday people who are doing that exact thing, to the benefit of us all, right here in the real world.

Thanks Again for joining us on I am currently expecting more real-life stories to come my way, for posting up in this space. I LOVE to hear how obstacles have been overcome, or doubts and fears transformed into victory.

Email me at We’ll connect and find out the best way to share your story as a gueSTARtist. Your Story, is Important. It can move people. It can create something special… YOUR STORY, will inspire someone else toward a great change in their life, and that is a priceless gift… just ask Lisa. We’ve already seen the ripple effect through other Mom’s who’ve jumped in on the conversation.


Give Thanks to God! Get Inspired! Grab a Tool! Get to Work!

(Okay, I’ll use this motto, tomorrow 🙂 Ha! really though!!


Aaron Nichols



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