Burn Books! Get Wealthy!

Book It! I really wish I would get a personal pan pizza for every book I read this summer… You think the Pizza Hut crew will notice that I’m over the age of 6?
Back in December I wrote about reading. Since then; reading I’ve been. Burning (through) books is an awesome way to change your future for the better!
Here is an update/quick review of the titles I’ve enjoyed over the last 5 months – I would love to loan you a copy if you are interested. Otherwise, get online and buy you some books!
            Seth gets it, then gives to you straight. He is THE marketing authority. Tribes are it. I wouldn’t trade my True North Blog Readers Tribe, Camp CarpCo or RumRunners tribe for anything! Proves his point that we are built to connect with others and move toward a common goal. I love that.
            What an awesome job Brian has done in creating an optimal life for himself and others. Reading this book is fun, easy and dynamite powerful. The best of the great philosophers, served up as inspirational appetizers. Bravo Brian!
            Big ‘Ol Book that’s great to have around. I dropped 20 lbs in 4 weeks and have a new way to look at my eating habits. Made great sense to me… Eat Plants and Animals, Lose Fat and Feel Good J
            I remember ideas poppin’ late into the night after reading Purple Cow. Absolutely the truth about what inspires us and gets our attention in this distraction-zone called life. Be unique or be overlooked. Emphasize your differences, and wave your “You” flag proudly!
            I sat in a my toasty garage, by the fire, mid-week during a February blizzard and read this book about living an alternatative lifestyle. The monkeys and firehose example hit very close to home for me. Needless to say, it was a fitting and fun read, that did more to validate than instruct my own journey of Non-Conformity J

            Like a thirsty man needs a cold pitcher of ice water, I needed this book. Explaining that we all deserve Grace and it’s ours if we ask for it, I was lighter in the heart after letting the ideas in this book resonate. Thanks be to God!
            I love it when people who don’t have to; share their success secrets with me. Mr. Beaudine has truly found the essence of our human connectedness and its importance. A Must read!
            The actions we fear, the moments that scare us: they’re the ONLY ones in which we grow and gain… Very cool book. I was/am inspired to continue to be a Lion Chaser. Thanks Mark!

            This is my first Bible that I’ve bought as an adult. I have really enjoyed having it around and referencing it often. I was new to the idea of a Study Bible, and I’m glad Pastor Tim recommended it. It really fills out the scripture and makes the Word easy to enjoy!
            Very inspiring, fun read and covers the gamut of ‘perception change’ as a way to deal with life’s problems… Would Recommend to everyone. I read it in 3 days I think? Good One.

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High – Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan & Al Switzler

            This is the most practical book for learning techniques to step up and deal with tough situations between the important people in your life. The STATE Principal is worth the price of the book. I think the mastery of the tools they discuss can take anyone, anywhere in life, they want to go: because, it takes People to make that happen. Dealing with people is the one skill we can all use every day!
            Okay, I really-really wish I would have read this one a few years ago. MUST-READ for anyone to wants to break out of the Rat Race. Chapter after chapter is like Ding, Ding, Ding, Duh!! A new paradigm in understanding serious wealth and how to create it, is explained in simple words and pictures. Even after my whole journey out of debt, jump to self-employment and total immersion in self-discovery… My mind was blown by this book!
I think I may have left out a few odds and ends, but this list pretty accurate…
Now, amazon.com and half.com have been shipping to me regularly lately. Here are the upcoming titles, I can’t wait to dive into…
My December post shined a light on the power of reading, but I left out an important idea. I was speaking about Non-Fiction and instructional/inspirational reads… What we are putting into our minds is what we will become. So… choose your reading carefully. Just because it’s in a book doesn’t mean it’s good for your brain!

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  1. Great post Aaron! Thanks for sharing your reading list, I appreciate it. I have been reading a lot more too and it is amazing what has happened to me this past year as I’m filling my mind with usual information instead of watching hours of reality TV. I’ll definitely have to add a few of the books you listed onto my list to check out. Seem though every time I read a book on the list I get 2 or 3 new ones to add!

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