Sunshine, Palm Trees & Seafood Baby!

Are you stranded? Have you been feeling stuck? Are coconuts and crabs all you have eaten for the last four years??

Well I hope not!

Recently my Cuz, Tera and I watched the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks.

It’s been years since I’d seen it, and I’m really glad to have a new perspective on the concepts covered.

As a chubby executive Tom finds himself in the most unlikely of situations alone on an island. At first he is frustrated with his situation and lack of survival skills. He continues trying to survive and learn and eventually becomes very good at it.

Throughout this process he rides the range of emotions, befriends a volleyball and even considers suicide. He fails at the testing of the attempt and therefore succumbs to complete powerlessness.

How often in our lives do we find that whatever island we are on, it can be just as lonely. It can be a financial island of debt. It can be an island of love-less solitude, a dead end job or lost hope that we deserve to be happy.

At some point we all have had an experience like this…

Tom has a monologue at the end of the movie where he explains that he finally realized that he was not in control of anything. He gave up trying to make his escape happen on his own. An understanding came that he could Not make it happen on his own.

Then one day the Tide brought him a sail.

How they never get around to mentioning God, I have no idea 🙂 It is almost comical that the whole movie explains the human relationship with faith and the almighty and they never say it out loud!

Anyway, two walls of a johnny-on-the-spot show up one day. Ah-Ha! Hope arrives by divine intervention! He was not out of energy, but reignited with passion for life and he has a new goal. To get off that island!

Just when we think all hope is gone. Just when we finally give up and decide we are incapable of controlling things with our own two hands. That is the moment that our Tide will come in.

A couple years ago I made the realization that I was ruining my financial life with my own ideas and plans and actions. It was a lonely place, knowing I was broke and it was all my fault. I knew that I was not going to dig myself out of the bottom of that hole.

God (NO, Not Dave Ramsey 🙂 put information into my life. A sail had showed up. The answers were right in front of me. All I had to do was put in the effort to build my raft. At that point, following the baby steps was the easy part. It was not only a way to improve, but it was imperative to my survival.

When is your sail going to show up? Have you decided that your efforts alone can only take you so far?

Want more proof?

Lately my adventure of self-employment has been nearing the edge of a cliff. I have cut my lifestyle to nothing. I am about to have to tap into funds that I never wanted to touch. I’ve been struggling and pushing to grow this coaching business. It has not been easy or fruitful so far. Something had to give.

I finally realized that success in this endeavor will not depend on another hour spent writing a blog or another 10 links posted to fans of my page. This wonderful information and passion will connect with the right people at the right time for them and for me.
Out of the clear blue sky two weeks ago another sail was brought in by the tide…
A position with a great small company that is so custom tailored for me that no one but God could have penned it any better.
I now work part-time for as their Social Media Creative Genius. I get to work from home. Motorcycles have been a passion my whole life. I am using all the things I’ve learned while building this business online from the ground up. I will continue to build True North FFC just as I have been doing 🙂 YAY!!
Thanks God – For everything, especially the sail, the tide and Yes even the island that keeps me out of the Ocean.
Aaron Nichols

True North Financial Fitness Coaching

Got a leaky Wallet? Bulging budget or none at all? Dilapidated Debt that you’re sick of living with?  You are losing hard earned dollars every month! Let me show you how to spackle the cracks and firm up your financial foundation. DIY or using my professional services, either way, the best time to fix your finances is Now!

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