Cold Pizza = Hot Finances!

Chili, Lasagna, Pizza and Your Paycheck…
They are all better when there is some leftover, right!… yummm, I’m getting Hungry!
 Did you know that the only part of your paycheck that can help you win financially is the leftovers??
This is good news. It means that it really doesn’t matter how much money you make. You have the opportunity to win!

I am making a very simple, very blanket statement this week. Feel free to rationalize it away if you wish, but those thoughts are only self-defeating, and I want to promote self-empowering!

Increase Your Leftovers = Win Financially!

There are some things in our budget that are static inflexible spending items…

  • Basic Utility costs
  • Basic Insurances
  • Taxes
  • (notice this list does Not include: credit-card, car, heloc, student loan or even house payments) 

There are some things in our budget that are flexible and up to us to decide how much we want to spend on them…

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • Fuel
  • Entertainment

We all choose our lifestyle spending level, day by day.  We make that choice personally. It may seem that there is a “normal way” to live, and sadly; normal is broke. This may mean that we’re choosing to spend right up to our last dollar of our paycheck. Which leaves no leftovers…

Income Minus Outgo is the boiled-down essence of your budget…

Got Leftovers??

What would you do with them anyway?

I would suggest to save some for a rainy day ($1000)

then (with some peace that a $400 “gotcha” won’t getcha)

pay off all your debts but the house – and never borrow money again

then (with all the extra leftovers from payments you no longer pay)

save some for a rainy 3-6 months

then (with a very peaceful sense of financial security)

save 15% of your income for retirement & begin college funding

then (with a complete team playing defense and offense in your finances)

pay off your home early

then (with nothing to pay out but the essentials and lots of wealth building towards a rich future)

Do Anything You Want! example: Build your wealth and give a bunch of it away!

Getting the picture? Without Leftovers, none of this is possible!

Sometime we’ll focus on the mechanics of creating more Leftovers… (like actually eating leftovers, instead of dialing up pizza delivery!) for now, just focus on that concept. It really is this simple.

Increase Your Leftovers = Win Financially!

Even more mind-blowing, is that the best way to end up with more Leftovers is to give away your First Fruits! 1 out of every 10 to be exact.

Now, to follow the ancient wisdom of Nike – Just Do It!

Thanks for hanging with me again this week! Without You, these words mean nothin’. I hope to push your buttons, get your goat or give you something to smile about and say “Yup!” If these blogs become bland and tasteless, lemme know! I’ll be glad to spice ’em up!

Aaron Nichols
True North Financial Fitness Coaching

Got a leaky Wallet? Bulging budget or none at all? Dilapidated Debt that you’re sick of living with?  You are losing hard earned dollars every month! Let me show you how to spackle the cracks and firm up your financial foundation. DIY or using my professional services, either way, the best time to fix your finances is Now!

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