Geese Don’t Fly in No VEEE!!

Look Up! These pale grey winter skies have birds aplenty and life and money lessons too…
At least around Princeton Kansas they do.
The flocks of Canadian Geese are always coming and going. They’ll find a field to frolic in, or maybe, as the picture below shows: A secluded quarry lake with ice, open water and protection from the wind.

What can we learn from these long-travel migrants that cover thousands of miles each winter? What can we find out about ourselves, and yes, our finances in these great Vee’s in the sky?

From Wikipedia – The Explanation of the V formation
The V formation greatly boosts the efficiency and range of flying birds, particularly over long migratory routes. All the birds except the first fly in the upwash from the wingtip vortices of the bird ahead. The upwash assists each bird in supporting its own weight in flight, in the same way a glider can climb or maintain height indefinitely in rising air. In a V formation of 25 members, each bird can achieve a reduction of induced drag by up to 65% and as a result increase their range by 71%.[1] The birds flying at the tips and at the front are rotated in a timely cyclical fashion to spread flight fatigue equally among the flock members. The formation also makes communication easier and allows the birds to maintain visual contact with each other.

I want to point out something that this technical explanation does not.

Geese Have NO IDEA what a VEE Is!
“Upwash” and “Wingtip Vortices” are just plain Hogwash to a Goose!
Seriously, can we conclude that their “In-Flight Choreographer” has explained ahead of time who flies next to who, how far to space yourself, when to do-si-do and turn yourself around?? I think NOT!
Guess how this Magical Formation becomes; what all these scientific terms really come from…
If you were a big ‘ol Honker and had a’ways to go, would you flap along all by your self out in the middle of nowhere?
When pulling up alongside your pal, you’d find quite a lift of breeze and all of a sudden it is Much Easier to float along; what would you do?
Would you mind that your energy now helps lift your neighbor that rides up behind, to your right or left a little? Heck no, the more the merrier!
What about the poor guy up front, breaking the air for all his followers? Well, when he gets tired, and backs off, someone Well Rested is right there to take his place. The leader then gets to go and float along till his turn comes back around. He’s then renewed and ready for more action!
We can break down this amazing sky-dance into physics terms; or we can simply understand that when you have a long way to go… Do what is EASIER!
Living a Debt-Free and In-Control financial lifestyle is just like flying in the “Upwash” and “Wingtip Vortices”. Everything just seems to require less effort.
The number of decisions to make per week on paying bills or juggling finances is dropped to near zero. The stress of stretching a paycheck across that last week of the month is gone. The energy and work it takes to “Rob Peter to Pay Paul” can be spent in other areas of life.
Believe me, you can go 70% further with your money when living debt-free!
So: What if I’m saddled-down with the weight of credit card bills? It’s hard to fly with a car payment book chained to my neck! My student loans and 2nd mortgage are like anchors dragging along the ground…
Well, we have powerful exercise equipment to strengthen your wings. We can cut loose as much unnecessary weight as possible. By powerful focus and extra-hard flapping of your God-Given wing-power, for a temporary distance, you can catch up and ride easy-breezy with the gang.

Those of us in the Debt-Free Vee want you up here with us. We’d love to show you the view. You too can go thousands of extra miles, thousands of extra dollars, ahead of those trying to do it all on their own, fighting turbulent winds while carrying extra baggage.
During these frigid snowy days, I get another idea in my mind… Guess what happens when you have the strength, stamina and a flight plan to fly thousands of miles at a time? You can choose to go South for the Winter!
Thanks for flying along with my blog through all these windy writings. I am truly honored to have you in my flock!

Aaron Nichols
True North Financial Fitness Coaching

Got a leaky Wallet? Bulging budget or none at all? Dilapidated Debt that you’re sick of living with?  You are losing hard earned dollars every month! Let me show you how to spackle the cracks and firm up your financial foundation. DIY or using my professional services, either way, the best time to fix your finances is Now!

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