Weirdforgood Hangout – 6 – Failure and Fear and HOW to Beat it :) with Melissa Ford

Must Watch! We’re covering Failure, Fear, Public Speaking, Getting Coached by Steve Chandler and Lots More!

With Aaron Nichols & Melissa Ford

You’ll want to have a notepad handy again this week!

(my video streaming is choppy, but the WORDS are worth your time!)

We’re using my blog – An Ornate Cathedral of Failure… Me as a launching point.

You can read more about me, Aaron Nichols on my about page

or Melissa Ford’s website —http://www.empoweredparentingsolution…


To be part of next week’s Hangout — Email Me at, each week I send out an invitation email with the details on how to get setup. (It’s pretty easy) then join us at 5:30 CST with 45 minutes to get in depth and have a fun — REAL discussion!